Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 23
Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 23, Kerala Beat Forest Officer Recruitment 2016, Important History questions.

1.  Who was the most famous ruler of the Vijaya Nagar Empire?

2.  What was the name of the fmous scholastic assembly in the court of Krishna Deva Raya?

3.  Which battle resulted in the  collapse of Vijayanagar?

4.  The ruins of the Vijayanagra Empire can be seen at which place?

5.  Farid was the original name of.....?

6.  Who defeated Humayun at the battle of Chausa in 1539?

7.  Who constructed the famous Grant Trunk road?

8.  Who was the first Indian ruler to issued Silver Rupaiya?

9.  Who built the Purana Qila in delhi?

10.  Which was the capital of Shivaji?

11.  Shivaji crowned as the 'Chatrapati' of Marathas in which year?

12.  Which was the period of Shivaji's reign?

13. What was the name of Shivaji's council of ministers?

14.  Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire?

15.  The Mughal Empire reached the zenith of its territorial expansion during the reign of ......?

16.  Whose period is known as 'the golden age of Mughal architecture'?

17.  Akbar organised his army by means of a system called.....?

18.  Who was the founder of Fatehpur Sikhri?

19.  Where is the mausoleum of Akbar?

20.  Which Mughal ruler propounded the religious system of Din-i-llahi in 1582?