Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 24
Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 24, Kerala Beat Forest Officer Recruitment 2016, Important History questions.

1.  Who introduced the Permanent Settlement in Bengal in 1793?

2.  Who was the British viceroy during the time of Ilbert Bill controversy?

3.  Which Princely state was the first to be annexed to British Indian by the Doctrine of Lapse?

4.  Who was the Governor General to implement the Doctrine of Lapse?

5.  Who was the first foreigner to become the President of Indian National Congress?

6.  Who was known as 'Maharashtra Socrates'?

7. Which national leader was called India's Unofficial Ambassador in England'?

8.  Who was called as 'Father of Indian Unrest' by the British?

9.  Who was the first Indian to be selected to Indian Civil Services?

10. Who started the newspapers of Young India and Harijan?

11.  Who was the first to calculate the national income of India?

12.  From which book is the song 'Vandhe Mataram' taken?

13.  Who started the newspaper common wheel?

14.  In which year the English opened the first factory in India?

15.  At the time of the formation of English East India Company, who was the prominent ruler of India?

16.  In which year was the English East India Company formed?

17.  Pitt's India Bill was passed in the year....?

18.  Where was the Indigo Revolt took place in 1859?

19.  In which year was the Delhi declared as the capital of India?

20.  Who was the only Indian governor General to be faced impeachment in the British Parliament?