Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 23

1.  Which part of the constitution deals with citizenship?

2.  Part III of the Constitution deals with------?

3.  Which part of the Constitution deals with Gram Panchayats?

4.  Which Schedule of he Constitution deals with rural local government, namely Panchayat Raj?
Ans: Eleventh Schedule

5.  Twelfth Schedule of the Constitution deals with----?

6.  Part XV of the Constitution deals with----?

7.  Which Schedule of the Constitution includes Anti-defection provisions?

8.  What is the subject matter of the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution?

9.  Which Article deals with the Constitutional Amendment procedures?

10.  The concept of judicial review is adopted from-----?

11.  Which ARticle is described as the 'Heart and Soul of the Constitution'?

12.  Which Constitutional amendment is known as 'Mini Constitution'?

13.  Which amendment to the Constitution was recommended by Sardar Swaran Singh Committee?

14.  How many times the Preamble of the Indian Constitution has been amended so far?

15.  The High Courts may issue writs under Article------?

16.  In which year was the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act enacted?

17.  -------acts as the 'Guardian of the Constitution'?

18.  What is the total number of writs envisaged in the Constitution?

19.  In which year was the Citizenship Act passed

20.  Which one was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights through the amendment in1978?

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