Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 22

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 22

1.  The Right to Property was removed from the list Fundamental Rights through which amendment?

2.  The power to issue writs rests with_____?

3.  What is often called as'the Identity Card' of the Constitution?

4.  Which article of the Constitution abolisheds untouchability and its practice in any form?

5.  The power to impose reasonable restrictions on the Fundamental Rights rests with_____?

6.  Which article of the Constitution directs to secure a Uniform Civil Code?

7.  The President is eligible for other allowances beside the salary, charged on_____?

8.  Which political power head enjoys Pocket Veto?

9.  Money Bill is to be introduced only on the recommendation of_____?

10.  In which House of the Parliament is the Money Bill presented?

11.  Who was the first President of India to be elected unopposed?

12.  Which Article deals with Emergency arising out of failure of constitutional machinery in the states?

13.  In which year was the first national emergency in India declared?

14.  President's rule is imposed in the states under the Article?

15.  In which state was the President's rule imposed for the first time?

16.  financial emergency has been declared_____times in India so far?

17.  During the emergency, who shall have the power to make laws?

18.  The offfive of the Vice President of India is modelled as the Vice President of which country

19.  Who was the first Vice President of India to die in office?

20.  The Vice President can act as the President for a maximum period of_____?

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