Kerala PSC - Constitution of India (Fundamental Rights - 2)

Kerala PSC - Constitution of India (Fundamental Rights - 2)
All question and Answers related to Constitution of Indian and Civil Rights, Fundamental Rights are covered. Important and Expected Question from Constitution of India Kerala PSC

21. The, Fundamental Rights which can’t be suspended even during the time of Emergency : Article 20 & 21

22. Fundamental Rights is not applicable to : Armed Forces

23. In India Minority includes : Linguistic and Religious

24. In which case Supreme Court holds that the Parliament has not the power to amend the constitution? : Golaknath Case

25. In which case did the Supreme Court change their earlier view and holds the Parliament has the power to amend the Constitution : Keshavanda Bharati case

26. For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights the Courts can issue : Writs

27. In India which authority has the power to issue Writs : Supreme Court (Article 32), High Court (Article 226)

28. Name the Article that gives minorities to establish and administer educational institutions : Article 30

29. The popular name for Nine Judge Bench of the Supreme Court as in ‘Indra Sawhney vs Union of India is known as : Mandal

Commission Case 30. Name the writs mentioned in Indian Constitution : Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Certiorari, Quo-Warranto, Prohibition

31. Which writ literally means ‘You May Have The Body’ : Habeas Corpus

32. The writ of Habeas Corpus is issued : In the form of an order calling upon a person who has detained another person to bring that person before court and show authority for such detention

33. The writ of Mandamus is issued by a superior court to : To command a person or public authority to do something in the nature of the public duty

34. The writ of Centiorari is used by a Superior Court when : To an inferior court to transfer the record of proceedings in case of review

35. Writ of Prohibition Prohibits : Lower courts exceeding its authority

36. Which Part is described as the ‘Magnacarta’ of the liberties of the Indian people : Part Third (Fundamental Rights)

37. In which case the Supreme Court held that Fundamental Rights are “Sacro Sanct” : Golaknath Case

38. Who is the Chairman of Fundamental Rights Sub Committee in the Constituent Assembly of India : JB Kripalani

39. Which Article is the Fundamental Rights prohibits practice of Child Labour : Article 24

40. Right to Education is the article mentioned in : Article 21A

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