Kerala PSC - Constitution of India (Fundamental Rights - 1)

Kerala PSC - Constitution of India (Fundamental Rights - 1)
All question and Answers related to Constitution of Indian and Civil Rights, Fundamental Rights are covered. Important and Expected Question from Constitution of India Kerala PSC

1. The Idea of Fundamental Rights is taken from : USA

2. Which part of the Constitution deals with the idea of Fundamental rights : Part Third

3. Article 12 – 35 of the Indian constitution deals with : Fundamental Rights

4. Who is known as the Chief Architect of Fundamental Rights : Sardar Vallabai Patel

5. The Number of fundamental rights constitution originally consists? : 7

6. How many Fundamental Rights constitution at present has : 6

7. Name the Right which was originally mentioned in the category of Fundamental Rights and later removed through an Amendment : Right to Property

8. By which Amendment, the right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights : 44th Amendment 1978 9. Right to Property is now a : Legal Right

10. Right to Property was removed by which Government : Janatha Government

11. Which Article is known as ‘Heart and Soul’ of Indian Constitution : Article 32

12. Who said Article 32 as ‘Heart and Soul’ of Indian Constitution : Dr. BR Ambedkar

13. Which Article provides Equality of opportunity in matters of Public Employment : Article 16

14. Article 17 is associated with : Abolition of Untouchability

15. Abolition of Title is embodied in : Article 18

16. Article 19 gives how many Fundamental Freedoms to Individuals : 6

17. What are the Fundamental Rights granted only to citizen : Protection from discrimination on grounds only of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex or place of birth (Article 15), Equality of opportunity as in matters of Public Employment (Article 16), Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Association, Movement, Residence, Profession (Article 19), Cultural and Educational Rights

18. What are the fundamental rights that are available both citizens and foreigners : Equality and Equal Protection of Law (Article 14), Protection in respect of Conviction against Double Punishment and Self-incrimination (Article 20), Protection of Life and Personal Liberty (Article 21), Right Against Exploitation (Article 23).

19. Procedure established by law is Mentioned in : Article 21

20. Name the authority for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights : Supreme Court

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