Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 5

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 5

1. In which year did the Kalinga War take place ?

[a] 420 B.C
[b] 370 B.C
[c] 261 B.C
[d] 318 B.C
[e] None of these

2. Which material was mainly used in the mining of Harappan coin ?

[a] Copper
[b] Bronze
[c] Iron
[d] Terecotta
[e] None of these

3. Keshava Temple located in

[a] Maharashtra
[b] Kerala
[c] Karnataka
[d] Tamil Nadu
[e] None of these

4. The Gold coins of Gupta periods were called as

[a] Dinar
[b] Dollar
[c] Rupee
[d] Peso
[e] None of these

5. When was Somnath Temple was destroyed ?

[a] 1123
[b] 1025
[c] 1203
[d] 1056
[e] None of these

6. Indian National Union was formed by AO Hume in ………………

[a] 1884
[b] 1890
[c] 1920
[d] 1937
[e] None of these

7. In which year the INC splited into two groups during the session at Surat?

[a] 1913
[b] 1910
[c] 1905
[d] 1907
[e] None of these

8. Who gave this slogan “ Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it” ?

[a] GK Gokhale
[b] Tilak
[c] Annie Besant
[d] Mahathma Gandhi
[e] None of these

9. Ahmedabad Mill Strike is …………………….

[a] First Hunger Strike
[b] First Disobedience Movement
[c] First Non-Co-operation Movement
[d] First Political Movement
[e] None of these

20. In 1927, the British Government appointed the Indian Statutory Commission also known as

[a] Mountbatten Commission
[b] Sedition Committee
[c] Simon Commission
[d] Nehru Commission
[e] None of these

11. Lahore session was held in …………….. and presided by Jawaharlal Nehru

[a] 1930
[b] 1932
[c] 1929
[d] 1917
[e] None of these

12. The negotiation between Irwin and Gandhi in 5th March, 1931 came to be known as

[a] Delhi Pact
[b] Karachi Pact
[c] Maharashtra Pact
[d] Kolkata Pact
[e] None of these

13. The first mass based political movement under Gandhi ‘ Non- Cooperation Movement’ was held at Nagpur in ……………………

[a] 1920
[b] 1918
[c] 1939
[d] 1912
[e] None of these

14. Tilak Swarajya Fund was started to financing the ……………………….

[a] Khilafat Movement
[b] Rowlatt Act
[c] Home Rule Movement
[d] Non-Cooperation Movement
[e] None of these

15. The Anti-Partition Movement was initiated on ……………..

[a] 20th November, 1921
[b] 7th August, 1905
[c] 3rd January, 1910
[d] 15th August, 1947
[e] None of these

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