A Hungarian Jewish George Soros | Economic War Criminal

George Soros, a Hungarian Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, has had a colorful life. Now at the age of 92, he has been married three times and gained notoriety for breaking the Bank of England. He has also been labeled an Economic War Criminal by his home country, Hungary, and has been accused of being behind the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Soros is the head of the Open Society Foundations, an NGO that began operating in India in 1999. However, some have criticized the organization, claiming that it weakens the economies of the countries it operates in by bribing corrupt politicians, influencers, paid media, and government organizations while presenting itself as a champion of justice and human rights.

A Hungarian Jewish George Soros | Economic Criminal

Early Life

George Soros, survived the Holocaust by assuming a false identity and going into hiding. During World War II, Soros lived with his family in Nazi-occupied Hungary, where they faced persecution and the threat of deportation to concentration camps. In 1944, Soros was sent to live with a non-Jewish Hungarian man, who he later described as his godfather. That's why he like Non-Jewish people more over Jewish people. Under this man's protection, Soros assumed a false identity and helped to conceal his Jewish heritage. From that time Soros learned to forge identity papers and posing as the godson of a Hungarian official who was responsible for inventorying Jewish properties. Soros survived the war and later emigrated to England, with newly learned abilities of making false Identity, forging papers and began his career in finance.

Economic War Criminal

George Soros has been accused of financial wrongdoing and has been labeled an "economic war criminal" by his native Hungary. Some have criticized Soros for his investment strategies, including his role in the collapse of the British pound in 1992 and his alleged involvement in the Asian financial crisis of 1997. However, it is also worth noting that Soros has not been convicted of any financial crimes and has denied many of the accusations against him. Soros has also been a philanthropist who has given billions of dollars to support various causes and organizations around the world through his Open Society Foundations. It is important to evaluate information from multiple sources and perspectives before making any definitive conclusions about Soros's financial or philanthropic activities. Do you think he can do any good to the society, who has betrayed the country (Hungary) in which he was born and to the other country (Britain) which has saved him from holocaust.

Married Life

George Soros has been married three times in his life. His first marriage was to Annaliese Witschak in 1960, and they had three children together before divorcing in 1983. Soros then married Susan Weber in 1983, but they also divorced in 2005. In 2013, Soros married his third wife, Tamiko Bolton. Bolton is a businesswoman who runs a company that provides nutrition education and wellness programs, and the couple reportedly met at a dinner party in 2008. Soros and Bolton are still married and live in New York City. Soros has five children in total, and he is also a grandfather.

Clean Image Building

If you search on google you will find only good things about this criminal, because he has spend almost $32 Billion through his Open Society Foundations. It is important to note that different sources and perspectives may have varying views on the actions and impact of George Soros and the Open Society Foundations. While some may show him as a philanthropic figure who has dedicated significant resources to supporting human rights, democratic governance, and other causes through the Open Society Foundations, others may hold more critical opinions on his activities and influence in certain contexts. Indian Famous News Channel NDTV is influenced by Geogre Soros. Recently Adani has bought NDTV Shares from Reliance which have made Soros worried.

US Presidential Elections

George Soros was an outspoken critic of former US President Donald Trump and financially supported various organizations and initiatives that opposed his policies and candidacy. Soros has been a prominent and consistent supporter of liberal causes, including democracy, human rights, and social justice, and has often been at odds with politicians and groups that promote more conservative or nationalist agendas. While Soros has been criticized by some for his political activities and influence, others have praised him for using his wealth to support progressive causes like Black Life Matters and civil society organizations. It is worth noting that Soros's political views and actions are complex and multifaceted, and not all of his activities or positions may be universally supported or agreed upon.


George Soros has been accused of supporting organizations that are critical of Israel and its policies towards Palestinians. Soros never himself has denied such claims and stated that he supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the right of Israel to exist as a democratic and Jewish state.

Anti-India George Soros

At the Davos World Economic Forum, a certain billionaire created quite a storm when he declared a war upon nationalism and nationalist politicians around the world. His target included Prime Minister Narendra Modi. George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have some supporters in India, particularly among civil society organizations and activists who work on issues related to democracy, human rights, and social justice. The Open Society Foundations began operations in India in 1999 and has since provided support to a wide range of organizations and initiatives that work on issues such as legal reform, freedom of expression, gender equality, and access to justice.
Manmohan Singh's daughter Amrit Singh
Some prominent Indian individuals and groups, such as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's daughter Amrit Singh, have also been associated with organizations funded by the Open Society Foundations. However, it is worth noting that Soros and his organizations have also faced criticism and controversy in India, particularly from some political and ideological groups who view their activities as a threat to national sovereignty or as promoting "Western" values that are at odds with traditional Indian culture. There have been claims and allegations that George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have provided support to various political parties and groups in India, including rebel groups, the Indian National Congress, and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM).
Harsh Mander founder of Aman Biradari Trust
Aman Biradari Trust as late as 2018-19 the ABT was founded by Harsh Mander, an individual who is closely linked to George Soros and is the Chairman of Open Society Foundation’s Human Rights Initiative Advisory Board. The antics of Harsh Mander during the violence in the aftermath of the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act is quite well known. He also made an appearance at the Shaheen Bagh protests. During the UPA Regime, he was part of the National Advisory Council that drafted the blatantly anti-Hindu Communal Violence Bill.

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