Kerala PSC - Model Questions for Sub Inspector of Police - 07

1. What is the favourable temperature for the hatching of hen's egg?

2. Which type of soil is rich in organic debris?

3. What is the color of the blood of a cockroach?

4. Which metal is present in the blood pigment haemocyanin?

5. What is the number of chambers in the rumen of a cow?

6. 'The example for an organism that shows both the characters of plant and animal is:

7. Which kind of roots are found in the sugar cane?

8. The depletion of oxygen in the water is known as:

9. What is the most suitable bio fertilizer for rice fields?

10. Which is the edible part of a coconut?

11. Which is known as the first computer game?

12. Which type of glass is used to make optical instruments?

13. Which is the most abundant type of coal?

14. The Molish Test is used to detect the presence of:

15. What is the fixing agent used in the photographic film?

16. Which Halogen is also used as an antiseptic?

17. Which element has the largest number of stable isotopes?

18. Silver objects turn dark on prolonged exposure to air due to the formation of:

19. In which types of rocks is the petroleum found?

20. Which process is used in dairies to separate cream from milk?

21. Who discovered the Radio Carbon Dating?

22. The development of unpleasant smell & taste in oil & fat containing food items due to oxidation of atmospheric oxygen is called:

23. Which acid is used to make permanent writing on the surface of glass?

24. Name the non-metal other than carbon, which shows allotropy?

25. Which substance present in the onion causes tears while handling it?

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