Kerala PSC - Model Questions for Sub Inspector of Police - 06

  1. The total kinetic engergy of molecules in a substance is known as:

  2. What is the half life period of the Carbon-14 isotope?

  3. What is the frequency of electricity used for domestic pupose?

  4. At what temperature is the Celsius & Fahrenheit scales are equal?

  5. Which color occupies the middle of a rainbow?

  6. At which region of the Earth a body has the maximum weight?

  7. Which are the examples for the metals that float in the water?

  8. Which is the most abundant organic compound in nature?

  9. The water in which soap does not lather easily because of the presence of certain chemicals, is known as:

  10. Which gas is obtained from the cow dung?

  11. Which chemical process is involved in the setting of Plaster of Paris?

  12. What is the color of the liquid oxygen?

  13. Which is the most abundant element in plants?

  14. Which particles determine the chemical properties of a substance?

  15. Which element is obtained from the sea weeds?

  16. Arboreal are the animals living in the

  17. Which is the first phase of the mitotic division?

  18. Which kind of cells in the human blood have the longest life span?

  19. What is the function of lymphocytes in the human blood?

  20. Metabolic processes yield substances which are harmful to the body. In which organ these are rendered harmless?

  21. Dinosaurs were included in the group of:

  22. Who is known as 'the father of tissue culture'?

  23. Plants respire through:

  24. Which type of roots contain chlorophyll capable of photosynthesis?

  25. Which is the only animal in the cat family that shows sexual dimorphism?

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