Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 53

851. Find the correctly  spelt word:
[a] Cerramic
[b] Seramic
[c] Ceramik
[d] Ceramic

852. _____ you do not work hard you cannot succeed.
[a] Unless
[b] If
[c] Till
[d] Untill

853. ‘Matrimony’ means:
[a] Giving money
[b] Wedding gift
[c] Marriage
[d] Gift

854. ‘Poke your nose into something’ means:
[a] To be suspicious
[b] To try to discover things that do not involve you
[c] Face the danger
[d] Show cowardice

855. A few people knew the answer, _____?
[a] did they
[b] did it
[c] didn’t they
[d] didn’t it

856. Can either of ____ speak English?
[a] they 
[b] them
[c] their 
[d] None of these

857. Choose the correct spelling:
[a] Widraw
[b] Withdraw
[c] Witdraw
[d] Wihdraw

858. Dowry is no longer permitted by law even in _____ marriages.
[a] love
[b] bigamous
[c] polygamous
[d] conventional

859. He met with a ____ on his last excursion.
[a] illness
[b] disaster
[c] luck
[d]  risk

860. The synonym of ‘REMEDY’:
[a] Redress
[b] Lenitive
[c] Cure
[d] Restorative

861. The teacher said, “the earth revolves round the sun”. (Select the correct form of reported speech):
[a] The teacher said that the earth revolved round the sun
[b] The teacher said that the earth had revolved round the sun
[c] The teacher said that the earth is revolved round the sun
[d] The teacher said that the earth revolves round the sun

862. A baby horse is called —————.
[a] calf
[b] kid
[c] foal
[d] cub

863. Change into passive voice ‘He greeted me’:
[a] I greeted by me
[b] He has greeted by me
[c] I have greeted by him
[d] I was greeted by him

864. The meaning of ‘COMMEND’:
[a] Order
[b] Praise
[c] Remark
[d] Perform

865. The synonym of ‘EXTRICATE’:
[a] Intricate
[b] Tie
[c] Difficult
[d] Free

866. Which part of the sentence has an error?
[a] The behaviour/
[b] of the/
[c] children were/
[d] excellent

867. You and I see the drama, ____?
[a] didn’t you
[b] didn’t we
[c] didn’t I
[d]  did you

868. The past participle of ‘OVERCOME’:
[a] Overcome
[b] Overcommed
[c] Overcame
[d] Overcamed

869. A person who is always dissatisfied:
[a] Heretic
[b] Surrogate
[c] Felon
[d] Malcontent

870. A soldier assigned to attend and perform various tasks for a superior officer:
[a] Orderly
[b] Pedant 
[c] Chef
[d] Cobler

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