Kerala PSC GK | Facts About Kerala - 06

Kerala PSC GK | Facts About Kerala - 06

1. The first Malayalam film to get Golden Camera award in Cannes film festival:- Maranasimhasanam
2. The first state in India to start the cultivation of Rubber:- Kerala
3. The headquarters of Kerala Agricultural University:- Mannuthy
4. The largest strike organised by the Communist party in Kerala:- Punnapra-Vayalar
5. The Malayalam film in which Latha Mangeshkar was a playback singer:- Nellu
6. The Malayalam film in which no woman was acted:- Mathilukal
7. The poet who revived Kathakali:- Vallathol
8. Where is ‘Joothakkunnu’ in Kerala? - Chavakkad
9. Which art form is exclusively performed by the members of Chakyarkooth? - Koodiyattam
10. Which palace is in Tamil Nadu but it is owned by the Government of Kerala? - Padmanabhapuram
11. Who renovated the Krishnapuram palace? - Marthandavarma
12. Primitive form of Kathakali:- Ramanattam
13. The literary part of Kathakali:- Attakkatha
14. A dance form evolved in Kerala under the pa- tronage of Christian Church:- Chavittunatakam
15. Ammannur Madhava Chakyar is related to:- Koodiyattom
16. Chavittunatakam was evolved as an alternative to:- Kathakali
17. In which district is Chakkulath Kavu? - Alappuzha
18. In which district is Fantacy Park? - Palakkad
19. In which district is Pathiramanal island? - Alappuzha
20. In which district is Wagamon? - Idukky
21. Mudiyettu is an art form related to ____ temples:- Bhadrakali
22. St.Angelos fort in Kannur was built by the:- Portuguese
23. The birth place of Chavittunatakam:- Matttancherry
24. The Dutch Palace of Kochi was built by the:- Portuguese
25. The fort built by Somasekhara Naik of Ikkeri dynasty:- Hosdurg
26. The fort in Thiruvananthapuram district that was built by the British in 17th century:- Anchengo
27. The most refined dance form of Kerala:- Kathakali
28. The present form of Kathakali was designed by:- Kottayam Thampuran
29. Which art form is performed by the members of Malayan and Mannan communities? - Theyyam
30. Which traditional art form is related to Pulluvar? - Sarpam Thullal
31. Which work is also known as ‘Ashtapadi’? - Gitagovinda
32. Which is known as ‘gate way of Wayanad’? - Lakkidi
33. Which is known as ‘land of latex’ (land of Rubber)? - Kottayam
34. Which place is known as ‘poorman’s Ooty’? - Nelliampathy
35. Which river is also known by the name ‘Beppurppuzha’? - Chaliyar
36. Which river was called “the English channel in India’ as it separated the British and French occupied territories? - Mayyazhi river
37. Who authored ‘Prananathenenikku nalkiya paramananda rasathe’? - Irayimman Thampy
38. Who designed the current form of dressing in Mohiniyattam? - Swati Trunal
39. Charalkkunnu is a hill station in ___ district. - Pathanamthitta
40. In which district is Kappil beach? - Kasargod
41. In which district is Pakshipathalam? - Wayanad
42. The exponent of Kathakali:- Kottarakkara Thampuran
43. The first person in Kerala to write Sanskrit Drama:- Saktibhadran
44. The mudras of ‘Kathakali’ are adopted from:- Koodiyattam
45. The place known as ‘little Mecca’:- Ponnani
46. In which district is Payyambalam beach? - Kannur
47. Which crop is known as ‘the gold of the wasteland’? - Cashew
48. The first film in Malayalam was made based on a literary work:- Marthandavarma
49. The first Malayalam film that was nominated for Oscar:- Guru
50. The first Malayalam film to get President’s silver medal:- Neelakkuyil

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