Kerala PSC - Model Questions for Sub Inspector of Police - 01

  1. Who made the statement "The Preamble of the Constitution is the horoscope of our Sovereign Democratic Republic"?

  2. The Amendment that made the right to free and compulsory education a 'Fundamental Right'?

  3. Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) first introduced in 2013 at which constituency?

  4. As per article 202 of Indian constitution 'Budget' is termed as :

  5. The chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the parliament is appointed by?

  6. Who described the Government of India Act 1935 as the 'Machine with strong brakes but no engine'.

  7. Which article of the Indian Constitution describes the power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and procedure thereafter?

  8. Who was the first Malayali to become a judge in the Supreme Court of India?

  9. In December 2014, which chief justice initiated to set up a special Bench in the Supreme Court known as 'Social Justice Bench'?

  10. Which Article of the Indian Constitution related to Procedure for impeachment of President?

  11. The member of the Constituent Assembly who made the remark that "The Preamble is the most precious part of the Constitution. It is the key to the Constitution"?

  12. As per the Tenth amendment of Indian constituion of 1961, which entity included in the Indian union as a union territory?

  13. Which amendment of the Constitution changed its characterization from 'Soverign Democratic Republic' to 'Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic'?

  14. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion. etc (Article 15 of the Constituion of India) is Fundamental Right classified under?

  15. As per which article of the constitution did the District Planning Committee come into existence?

  16. Which term is used to denote the last session of the existing Lok Sabha after a new Loksabha has been elected?

  17. The minimum age required to become a candidate for the post of President?

  18. The idea of prerogative writs has been copied from?

  19. As per which constitutional amendment act, the Part 'C' and Part 'D' states were constituted as Union Territories.

  20. Which former Law Minister put forward the concept of constitutional ombudsman (Lokpal) in the parliament?

  21. Which organisation filed a Public Interest Litigation for the legalisation of NOTA in the election procedure?

  22. The 73rd Amendment of the constitution came into force in?

  23. From which Lok Sabha constituency did Jawaharlal Nehru win in the first general election to become the first democratically elected prime minister of India?

  24. Who described Directive Principles of State Policy as a 'novel feature' of the Constitution of India?

  25. Who described Part III of Constitution dealing Fundamental Rights as the most criticized part of the Constitution?

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