Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 48

751. The officials must ____ the identity card.
[a] wear
[b] wore
[c] wearing
[d]  be

752. _____ war food was rationed.
[a] In 
[b] By
[c] Of
[d] During

753. The pen that I have lost has ____ gold cap.
[a] the 
[b] a
[c] an
[d] No article

754. The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence:
[a] Patriotism
[b] Capitalism
[c] Imperialism
[d] Communism

755. To run away with a lover (Give one word)
[a] Deceive
[b] Cheat
[c] Escape
[d] Elope

756. Which of the following is a noun form?
[a] Bathe
[b] Clothe
[c] Wreathe
[d] Pride

757. My elder brother pokes his nose into all my affairs (Correct meaning of the words italicised)
[a] Disturbs
[b] Interferes
[c] Opposes
[d] Prevents

758. A collection of specialized terms with their meanings.
[a] Dictionary
[b] Glossary
[c] Directory
[d] Compartment

759. He restored the article ____ its rightful owner.
[a] to
[b] at
[c] in
[d] with

760. Which word is similar in meaning to ‘Status’?
[a] Right
[b] Law
[c] Position
[d] None of these

761. Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘LATENT’:
[a] Real
[b] Concealed
[c] Apparent
[d] Dubious

762. It is a great loss for a man _____ he cannot laugh.
[a] if
[b] yet
[c] till
[d] although

763. ‘give up the ghost’ means:
[a] To terrify
[b] To die
[c] To make false appearance
[d] To go mad

764. ‘He is too proud to beg’ means:
[a] He is very proud and so he begs
[b] He is so proud that he cannot/won’t beg
[c] He is proud of begging
[d] He is proud to beg

765. The king said to his soldiers, “Take him away”. The king ____ his soldiers to take him away. (Select the one which makes the most accurate ‘reported’ version):
[a] ordered
[b] requested
[c] advised
[d] asked

766. The local language of a place is called:
[a] Verbose
[b] Linguistics
[c] Phonetics
[d] Vernacular

767. The meaning of ‘Sycophant’:
[a] Flatterer
[b] Coward
[c] Sneaky
[d] Deceitful

768. A person, especially a soldier, who avoids assigned duties or work:
[a] Pedant
[b] Goldbrick
[c] Gourmet
[d] Philistine

769. A man of lax moral:
[a] Ruffian
[b] Pirate
[c] Vagabond
[d] Licentious

770. Asoka is worthy ____ remembrance.
[a] to
[b] with
[c] at
[d] of

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