Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 112

1. Which river was called “the English channel in India’ as it separated the British and French occupied territories?
[a] Mayyazhi river
[b] Chaliyar
[c] Kavvayi
[d] Chandragiri

2. EMS became the Chief Minister of Kerala in the years:
[a] 1956, 1967
[b] 1957, 1967
[c] 1957, 1965
[d] 1947, 1957

3. The southernmost sanctuary in Kerala:
[a] Peppara
[b] Neyyar
[c] Shendurny
[d] None of these

4. Who among the following was instrumental in the publication of Rajyasamacharam?
[a] Itty Achuthan 
[b] Dr. Palpu
[c] C.V.Raman Pillai
[d] Hermen Gundert

5. The first deputy speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly:
[a] Sankaranarayan Thampy
[b] Rosamma Punnoose
[c] P.T.Chacko
[d] Ayisha Bhai

6. Gravitational force is minimum in:
[a] Poles 
[b] Equator
[c] Temperate region
[d] None of these

7. The process of convertion of one element into another:
[a] Reduction
[b] Oxidation
[c] Transmutation 
[d] Migration

8. Geiger Counter is used to determine:
[a] Radio activity
[b] Gravitional force
[c] Magnetic flux
[d] Resonance

9. Electricity is a flow of _____
[a] Protons 
[b] Neutrons
[c] Electrones 
[d] None of these

10. The second most ductile element:
[a] Copper
[b] Iron
[c] Tungsten
[d] Silver

11. Which metal is contained in Insulin?
[a] Zinc
[b] Magnisium
[c] Lithium
[d] Barium

12. Example of neutral solution:
[a] Chloroform
[b] Vinegar
[c] Water
[d] Urine

13. Who is the father of Mutation theory?
[a] Darwin 
[b] Lamarch
[c] Hugo De Vries
[d] Mendel

14. Who coined the word ‘Gene’?
[a] Gregor Mendel 
[b] Lamarch
[c] Johanson
[d] Bateson

15. ‘Stratosphere Giant, the tallest tree in the world, is in:
[a] USA
[b] Russia
[c] China
[d] France

16. Annual rings are helpful to determine the _____ of trees?
[a] height 
[b] Genus
[c] Yield
[d] age

17. Who discovered Vaccination?
[a] Louis Pasteur
[b] Edward Jenner
[c] Ronald Ross
[d] William Harvey

18. The first test tube baby in India:
[a] Indira
[b] Durga
[c] Aastha
[d] Louis Brown

19. ‘Struggle for Existence’ is one of the main concepts of:
[a] Special Creation Theory       
[b] Evolution Theory
[c] Mutation Theory                   
[d] Lamarchism

20. Artificial heart was discovered by:
[a] Christian Bernard
[b] William Harvey
[c] William Kolf
[d] Robert Jarvic

21. Anatoly Carpov earned fame as a _____ player:
[a] Basketball
[b] Polo
[c] Tennis 
[d] Chess

22. John Maynard Keynes was an economist belonged to:
[a] Britain
[b] France
[c] Russia
[d] USA

23. How many members are nominated by the president to the Rajya Sabha:
[a] 14
[b] 12
[c] 2
[d] 10

24. Lok Sabha is also known as:
[a] House of Elders
[b] House of People
[c]Council of States
[d] House of Leaders

25. The first amendment of the Constitution was included in _____ Schedule of the Constitution:
[a] Tenth
[b] Ninth
[c] Seventh
[d] Sixth

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