711. A typical example or pattern of something.
[a] Paradox
[b] Orbit
[c] Paradigm
[d] Excerpt

712. Find the correctly spelt word:
[a] Paradigam
[b] Paradigom
[c] Paradigum
[d] Paradigm

713. He is innocent ____ the crime.
[a] at
[b] by
[c] with
[d] of

714. Do not envious ____ brilliant students.
[a] about
[b] off
[c] of
[d]  at

715. Either Ram ____ his brother has taken your bicycle.
[a] and
[b] but
[c] nor
[d] or

716. India ____ her independence in 1947.
[a] won
[b] has won
[c] wins
[d] have won

717. Once she was poor, so she knows what ______ is like.
[a] fortune
[b] poverty
[c] money
[d] world

718. Pyrophobia means fear of:
[a] Fire
[b] Darkness
[c] Noise
[d] Water

719. Find out which part of the sentence has an error?
[a] ‘Malgudi Days’
[b] have been made
[c] into a film
[d] No error

720. Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘PROFUSION’:
[a] Ample
[b] Dearth
[c] Plethora
[d] fortune

721. Delhi is ______ to Jaipur than Mumbai.
[a] near
[b] nearer
[c] nearest
[d] more near

722. He neither achieves victory nor deserves it
(Find out what type of sentence is this).
[a] Simple
[b] Complex
[c] Compound
[d] Compound-complex

723. I _____ my work by tomorrow.
[a] finish
[b] have finished
[c] finished
[d] shall have finished

724. I _____ read ‘Chemmeen’.
[a] did
[b] have
[c] has
[d] does

725. I _____ the job if you had paid me enough.
[a] will do
[b] would do
[c] would have done
[d] will have done

726. Give one word for ‘non professional or unpaid’:
[a] Stoic
[b] Amateur
[c] Alma mater
[d] Taciturn

727. Select the correctly spelt word:
[a] Eroneous
[b] Erronius
[c] Erroneous
[d] Erraneous

728. When I first met him, he _____ in a hotel.
[a]had been working
[b] has been working
[c] was working
[d] worked

729. ‘To end in fiasco’ means:
[a] Complete success
[b] Complete failure
[c] Complete blunder
[d] Highly profitable

730. ‘I bought a book’ is the active form of:
[a] A book was bought by me
[b] I was bought by a book
[c] A book has been bought
[d] A book was bought by me