Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 66

1. The concept of Mutation was first introduced by
[a] Karl Landsteiner
[b] Hugo de Vries
[c] William Roentgen
[d] Thomas Edison

2. Which of the following disease is caused by virus?
[a] Dysentery
[b] Common Cold
[c] Appendicitis
[d] Peptic Ulcer

3. The scientific name of Malabar Grey Hornbill is
[a] Pavo cristatus
[b] Ocyceros griseus
[c] Corvus splendens
[d] Panthera tigris

4. Chemically, lime water is
[a] Calcium Hydroxide
[b] Sodium Hydroxide
[c] Calcium Bicarbonate
[d] Calcium Sulphate

5. Plants that grow in saline water are called
[a] Xerophytes 
[b] Halophytes
[c] Acidophytes
[d] Mesophytes

6. The Recent outbreak of Ebola is a fatal disease caused by
[a] Bacteria
[b] Virus
[c] protozoan
[d] Insects

7. The main active constituent of tea and coffee is
[a] Nicotine
[b] caffeine
[c] Alcohol 
[d] Aspirin

8. Which one among the following radiations carries maximum energy?
[a] Ultraviolet rays
[b] Gamma Rays
[c] X-rays 
[d] IR Rays

9. Which one of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
[a] Iron
[b] Copper
[c] Steel
[d] Human Body

10. Who is regarded as the father of modern chemistry?
[a] Rutherford
[b] CV Raman
[c] Einstein 
[d] Lavoisier

11. The hardest form of carbon is
[a] Graphite 
[b] Diamond
[c] Charcoal 
[d] Coke

12. The human body is made up of several chemical elements; the element present in the highest proportion (65%) in the body is
[a] Carbon
[b] Oxygen
[c] Nitrogen
[d] Calcium

13. The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in
[a] New Delhi 
[b] Bengaluru
[c] Pune
[d] Thiruvananthapuram

14. Iron pipes are coated with zinc to prevent corrosion. This method is called
[a] Galvanization
[b] Condensation
[c] Sedimentation
[d] Crystallization

15. Gobar gas mainly consist of
[a] Methane
[b] Carbon Monoxide
[c] Ethylene 
[d] Acetylene

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