301. The setting for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’: - Kanha National Park
302. The Virupaksha Temple is situated at: - Hampi
303. The largest religion in Lakshadweep: - Islam
304. The oldest municipal corporation in India: - Chennai
305. Madurai is situated on the banks of the river: - Vaigai
306. A hill station in India set up by Americans: - Kodaikanal
307. Which type of land form is occupied by the largest portion of India? - Plains
30308. Which country has the world’s highest percentage of arable land to the total geographical area:- India
309. The approximate number of villages in India is _____ lakhs. - Six
310. _____ has the world’s largest cattle and buffalo population. - India
311. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is in: - Mumbai
312. The hottest period all over India: - 3 p.m.
313. Palitana in Gujarat is famous for the worshipping places of ____ religion. - Jainism
314. The first Asian country to start Community Development Project: - India
315. Chandranagar was formerly a ____ colony: - French
316. Jog falls, the highest water fall in India, is situated in the river: - Sharavati
317. The Danish East India Company was formed in 1616. ____ in Tamil Nadu coast was their main centre. - Tranquebar
318. Antarctica Study centre in India is situated at: - Goa
319. The old name of ‘Rashtrapathi Bhavan’: - Viceregal palace
320. Pragathi Maidan, which is famous for trade fairs, is situated in: - New Delhi
321. In which Indian state Asia’s first oil refinery was established? - Assam
322. The place which is known as the “Mecca of temple architecture”: - Khajuraho
323. Longest tributary of Indus: - Sutlej
324. Namdapha Tiger Reserve is in the state of: - Arunachal Pradesh
325. In Uttar Pradesh, the seat of High Court is: - Allahabad
326. In which year Indian National Congress approved the Basic Education System propounded by Gandhiji? - 1938
327. In which year was the Champaran Satyagraha? - 1917
328. Name the Governor General who introduced Doctrine of Lapse: - Dalhousie 329. The first British Viceroy of India: - Lord Canning
330. The first woman President of the Indian National Congress: - Annie Besant
331. The town bombarded by Vasco da Gama during his second visit as the local ruler refused to expel muslim traders from there: - Kozhikode
332. Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act? - Lord Ripon 333. Who was the Viceroy when Indian Penal Code was brought into effect? - Lord Canning
334. Who was the Viceroy when Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of India in 1877? - Lytton
335. In India, the death anniversary of Gandhiji is observed as: - Martyrs day
336. The famous leader whose birth day falls on the birth day of Lal Bahadur Shastri: - Gandhiji
337. Who was the Congress president when Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed as the chairman of the National Planning Committee constituted by INC? - Subhas Chandra Bose
338. Who was selected as the second person to observe individual satyagraha in 1940: - Jawaharlal Nehru
339. In which year Mahathma Gandhi became the president of Indian National Congress: - 1924
340. Jawaharlal Nehru attended Congress session as a delegate for the first time in 1912. Ite Besantwas held at: - Bankipur
341. Jawaharlal Nehru became the President of the Indian National Congress for the first time in: - 1929
342. Jawaharlal Nehru Port is situated at: - Mumbai
343. Jawaharlal Nehru was born in 1889 at: - Allahabad
344. Which state was given the status of ‘associate state’ in 1974? - Sikkim
345. Who was the President of Indian National Congress during the Quit India movement? - Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
346. In which railway station of South Africa, Gandhiji was thrown out of a train? - Petermaritzberg
347. Who was the president of India when Bengladesh was formed in 1971: - V.V.Giri
348. Lal Bahadur Shastri is the first Prime Minister to born in 20th century. He was born in: - 1904
349. The jurist who gave verdict in Gandhi assassination Case: - Atmacharan Aggarwal
350. The second President of Indian National Congress: - Dadabhai Navroji