Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 108

1. From which part of the plant is cotton fibre is derived?
[a] Bark of stem
[b] Phloem
[c] Xylem
[d] Epidermal hairs of seed

2. Geographically, Galapagos Islands belong to:
[a] Africa
[b] Europe
[c] South America
[d] North America

3. Yak is an animal belongs to ___ family.
[a] Horse
[b] Dog
[c] Cat
[d] Cattle

4. Which of the following types of light are strongly absorbed by plants?
[a] Violet and Orange
[b] Yellow and vioet
[c] Blue and red
[d] Indigo and Yellow

5. Economic Planning is a subject in the
[a] Union List
[b] State List
[c] Concurrent List
[d] Unspecified in any special list

6. Chandra Mohan Jain is better known as:
[a] Mahesh Yogi
[b] Baba Amte
[c] Rajneesh
[d] None of these

7. The rarest metal on earth:
[a] Astatin
[b] Rhodium
[c] Platinum
[d] Gold

8. The first university established by the British in India
[a] Madras
[b] Mumbai
[c] Calcutta
[d] Delhi

9. China occupied Tibet in:
[a] 1959
[b] 1962
[c] 1949
[d] 1955

10. British Empire Games is now known as:
[a] Olympics
[b] Afro-Asian Games
[c] Commonwealth Games
[d] Asian Games

11. The major source of revenue of the state governments:
[a] Sales Tax
[b] Customs Tax
[c] Income Tax
[d] Excise Duty

12. The famous painting Monalisa is now kept in Luvre Museum. It is in:
[a] USA
[b] Britain
[c] Italy
[d] France

13. The Life Insurance Corporation of India was nationalised in:
[a] 1972
[b] 1973
[c] 1956
[d] 1966

14. To which God of the Hindu Pantheon is the Gayatri Mantra addressed?
[a] Shiva
[b] Vishnu
[c] Savitri
[d] Yama

15. What is 'Dow Jones'?
[a] Share Market Index of New York
[b] Share Market Index of Mumbai
[c] Gold Price Index of World Gold Council
[d] None of these

16. World Health Day
[a] April 7
[b] April 5
[c] March 15
[d] March 4

17. The name of Arthur C Clarke is associated with:
[a] Cartoon
[b] Drama
[c] Science Fiction
[d] Painting

18. 'Harmony at Work' is the motto of:
[a] Technopark
[b] Infopark
[c] Smart City
[d] Technocity

19. The Indian state which was known as Brahmarshideshi in ancient times:
[a] Assam
[b] Orissa
[c] Rajasthan
[d] UP

20. The only divided Capital in the world:
[a] Nicotia
[b] Tel Aviv
[c] Ankara
[d] Astana

21. The Venue of Boer war was:
[a] South Africa
[b] China
[c] England
[d] Egypt

22. The Mughal ruler who granted Diwani rights to the British:
[a] Shah Alam
[b] Bahadur Shah II
[c] Akbar II
[d] Muhammad Shah

23. The time taken by light to cover the distance between the earth and moon:
[a] 8 seconds
[b] 8 minutes
[c] 1.3 minutes
[d] 1.3 seconds

24. Who calculated the speed of light for the first time?
[a] Newton
[b] Huygens
[c] Roemer
[d] Edison

25. Which is the odd one?
[a] Spring
[b] Winter
[c] Rain
[d] Autumn

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