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List of Fathers of Various Fields of Science & Technology

Field Name
Father of Agronomy Peter – De- Cresenji
Father of Agriculture Norman Borlaug
Father of Anatomy Andreas Vesalius
Father of Atom Bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer
Father of Architecture Imhotep
Father of Aviation George Cayley
Father of Botony Theophrastus
Father of Biology Aristotle
Father of Bacteriology Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Robert Koch / Ferdinand Cohn / Louis Pasteur
Father of Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner
Father of Blood Circulation William Harvey
Father of Cytology Robert Hooke
Father of Computer Charles Babbage
Father of Endocrinology Thomas Addison
Father of Economics Adam Smith
Father of Electronics Michael Faraday
Father of Electricity Benjamin Franklin
Father of Evolution Charles Darwin
Father of Genetics G. J. Mendel
Father of Geometry Euclid
Father of Modern Computer Alan Turing
Father of Modern Chemistry Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier
Father of Modern Physics Galileo Galilei
Father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates
Father of Modern Management Peter Georg Ferdinand Drucker
Father of Modern Physiology Wilhelm Wundt
Father of Modern Astronomy Nicolaus Copernicus
Father of Modern Biochemistry Carl Alexander Neuberg
Father of Immunology Edward Jenner’s
Father of Taxonomy Carl Linnaeus
Father of Internet Vint Cerf
Father of Nano Technology Richard Smalley
Father of Surgery Sushruta
Father of Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller
Father of Nuclear Physics Ernst Rutherford
Father of Indian Nuclear Science Homi Jehangir Bhabha
Father of Railways George Stephenson
Father of Physiology Sigmund Freud
Father of Genetic Engineering Paul Berg
Father of Eugenics Francis Galton
Father of Gene Therapy French Anderson
Father of Palynology Erdtman
Father of Biodiversity Edward O. Wilson
Father of Genetics Hugo de Vries
Father of Email Ray Tomlinson
Father of Modern Cinema David Wark Griffith
Father of Modern Dentistry Pierre Fauchard
Father of Modern Democracy John Locke
Father of Modern Ecology Eugene P. Odum
Father of Modern Education John Amos Comenius
Father of Modern Finance Eugene F. Fama
Father of Modern Geology James Hutton
Father Of Indian Constitution B R Ambedkar
Father of Indian Ecology Ramdeo Mishra
Father of Green Revolution in India Dr M S Swaminathan
Father of White Revolution in India Verghese Kurien
Father of Blue Revolution in India Dr Arun Krishnan
Father of Radio Science in India J C Bose
Father of Indian Phycology M O P Iyengar
Father of Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev
Father of Nuclear Chemistry Otto Hahn

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