Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 105

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 105

1. Which one of the following is another name for Mahabharata?
[a] Bhagavatam
[b] Krisha Geetha
[c] Bhagavat Gita
[d] Jayam

2. Kerala Simham Pazhiassi Raja belongs to
[a] Nediyirippu Swaroopam
[b] Kottayam Royal Family
[c] Perumpadappu Swaroopam
[d] Venad Swaroopam

3. Teacher's day in India was observed in
[a] Oct 5
[b] Sep 5
[c] Dec 5
[d] Sep 25

4. The Nepal Parliament is known as
[a] Majlis
[b] Panchayath
[c] Knesset
[d] Duma

5. Who created the first floppy disk used in computers?
[a] Charles Babbage
[b] Alan Turing
[c] FC Williams
[d] David Noble

6. Which of the following plants is poisonous?
[a] Lamb's ears
[b] Cherry laurel
[c] Dumb cane
[d] Sea holly

7. The first woman vice chancellor of Kerala?
[a] Dr Janey James
[b] Sherin Ratnagar
[c] Dr Anwar Jahan Zuberi
[d] Dr Hansa Mehta

8. The first woman speaker of Lok Sabha?
[a] Sushma Swaraj
[b] Sarojini Naidu
[c] Meira Kumar
[d] Vrinda Karat

9. The First Litigation free village in India
[a] Kalpathi
[b] Thrithala
[c] Varavur
[d] Ambalavayal

10. Who was the founder of Asiatic Society of Bengal?
[a] Elphinston
[b] Vincent Smith
[c] Sir William Jones
[d] James Mill

11. The Dutch power in India was ended with the battle of
[a] Karnatic
[b] Buxar
[c] Panipat
[d] Kulatchal

12. Our National calendar Saka Era is associated with
[a] Ashoka
[b] Akbar
[c] Kanishka
[d] Harshavardhana

13. Which gland in the human body is called the master gland?
[a] Pancreas
[b] Spleen
[c] Pituitary
[d] Lachrymal

14. Which is the first month of National Calender of India?
[a] Falguna
[b] Chaithra
[c] January
[d] Chingam

15. The last Hindu King of northern India?
[a] Kanishka
[b] Harshavardhana
[c] Vikramadythya
[d] Chandragupta

16. Which of the following is not an official language of UN?
[a] English
[b] French
[c] Chinese
[d] Japanese

17. 'Sick man of Europe' is the nickname for
[a] Germany
[b] Serbia
[c] Spain
[d] Turkey

18. The name of the Parliament of Vietnam?
[a] National Congress
[b] Parliament
[c] National Assembly
[d] Peoples Assembly

19. The first battle of Panipat was fought in
[a] 1489
[b] 1517
[c] 1526
[d] 1540

20. Universal Adult Franchise creates
[a] Economic equality
[b] Social equality
[c] Political equality
[d] Cultural equality

21. Earth day is celebrated in
[a] 22nd April
[b] 22nd May
[c] 23rd April
[d] 22nd March

22. Who was the first to perform the surgery of human heart transplant?
[a] David Baltimore
[b] Dr Christiaan Barnard
[c] Dr James D Watson
[d] Dr Mathew Phillip

23. Total number of chromosomes in human beings
[a] 23
[b] 24
[c] 46
[d] 206

24. The smallest Grama Panchayat in Kerala?
[a] Valapattanam
[b] Kumili
[c] Malampuzha
[d] Vattavada

25. The first sound movie of India?
[a] Alam Ara
[b] Balan
[c] Padher Panchali
[d] Raja Harischandara

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