1. Short term loans give for periods ranging one day to 14 days - Money at call
2. A letter of credit is issued by a bank on the request of - Importers bank
3. Where was the origin of folk high school? - Denmark
4. Extraordinary payments offered by companies to executives in connection with the ownership to persuade them to stay with the firm? - Golden Parachute
5. ___ is a method of debt collection by business establishments - Factoring
6. The statement sent by the consignor to the consignee is known as - Proforma Invoice
7. Marking of a cheque means? - Good for payment
8. The process of converting one national currency into another is called - Foreign Exchange
9. Co-operation Today & Tomorrow' was written by - Paul Roy
10. ___ means a person holding a decree - Decree Holder
11. ___ balance in cashbook indicates deposit balance? - Debit
12. In which case drawee and acceptor is the same? - Bill of exchange
13. The resolution for amendment of byelaws shall be sent to the Registrar within? - One month
14. 'NUTRICO' is related to - MATSYAFED
15. 'Golden years of God's own country' is the logo of? - Handicraft
16. Write off loans is made under sections? - 74F
17. Loan A/c is a ___ account - Personal A/c
18. The mortgage of movable property to secure a loan is- Hypothecation
19. Co-operative societies receiving deposits shall keep fluid resources as per ___ act - KCS Act
20. The Cattle Breeding Co-operative Society of Denmark is called - Bull Club
21. Clerical errors are also called - Technical Errors
22. The written evidence for payment of cash is called -Voucher
23. The payment of promissory note is made by - The maker
24. Who introduced the Banking Ombudsmen scheme- RBI
25. Bills receivable, bills payable accounts are - Real Accounts
26. 'Due by' Account is ___ to the Society - Liability
27. A Certificate of Protest is issued by - Notary public
28. The discount column of three column cash book, Records - Cash discount
29. Sight bill is another name for - Demand Bill
30. The Rainbow emblem was suggested by - Bernado
31. ___ banks are called Romance of Co-operation - Urban banks
32. Expenditure to keep assets in good condition? - Revenue
33. Indian Urban banks indebted to ___ committee - Maclagan
34. Active price policy first introduced in the country - Sweden
35. Capex is the apex federation of ___ crops - Cashew
36. National co-operative Bank of India was a recommendation of ___ committee - Kushru
37. Indo Swiss project was started at - Mattupetty
38. Rectifying entries are passed through- Journal proper
39. The right to retain the goods and securities till the payment of debt - Lien
40. Milk vita is associated with - Bangladesh
41. ___ is a penalty charge for dishonouring the bill - Noting charges
42. Who recommended MPCS in India - Sarraiya Committee
43. The auditor of a multistate co-operative society is appointed by - Central Registrar
44. Which is the first RRB in India - Pradhama Bank Moradabad, UP
45. Priyadersini is a ___ co-operative - Transport
46. Annual report of a society is approved by - General body
47. Who was known as poorman's doctor - William King
48. The document which contains the terms and conditions of partnership is - Partnership deed
49. A reserve created by showing assets at a lower value and liability at higher value is - Secret Reserve
50. A liability which may or may not arise in the future is called - Contigent liability