Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 103

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 103

1. The video Game console 'X box' is a product of?
[a] Microsoft
[b] Sony
[c] Intel
[d] Sega

2. What does ICANN stand for?
[a] International centre for Agro Nutrients and Nourishment
[b] Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
[c] Indian Council for Algorithm, Numbers and Notations
[d International Council for Approved, Names and Numbers

3. The age of a tree can be determined by?
[a] Measuring its height
[b] Measuring its diameter
[c] Analysing its sap
[d] Counting the annual growth rings of its stem

4. Which European country is known as the 'Land of a thousand lakes'?
[a] Finland
[b] England
[c] Switzerland
[d Sweden

5. The first non-congress Prime Minister of India was?
[a] Lal Bahadur Shastri
[b] Deva Gowda
[c] Morarji Desai
[d] VP Singh

6. What does a Phillumenist Collect?
[a] Old Coins
[b] Flags of Various nations
[c] Matchbox labels
[d] Empty cigarette boxes

7. Human Rights Day is celebrated on?
[a] October 24
[b] May 1
[c] December 10
[d] July 22

8. The Oscar-winning film 'Slumdog Millionaire' was written by?
[a] Danny Boyle
[b] Chris Dickens
[c] Anthony Dod Mantle
[d] Simon Beaufoy

9. Which of the following is equal to 1MB?
[a] 1000 KB
[b] 256 KB
[c] 2048 KB
[d] 1024 KB

10. Delhi is on the banks of the river?
[a] Godawari
[b] Brahmaputra
[c] Saraswathi
[d] Yamuna

11. The book 'Daughter of the East' is the autobiography of?
[a] Benazir Bhutto
[b] PT Usha
[c] Helen Keller
[d] Phoolan Devi

12. The first five year plan was started in?
[a] 1954
[b] 1950
[c] 1951
[d] 1947

13. The essential vitamin for the functioning of reporduction?
[a] Vitamin A
[b] Vitamin B
[c] Vitamin C
[d] Vitamin E

14. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
[a] TN Seshan
[b] Peri Sasthri
[c] Naveen Choula
[d] Sukumar Sen

15. The colour of Ammonium Chloride is?
[a] Blue
[b] Black
[c] Red
[d] White

16. Father of Political Science?
[a] Karl Marx
[b] Adam Smith
[c] Aristotle
[d] Gandhiji

17. The study about cancer is?
[a] Ongology
[b] Pomology
[c] Gerontology
[d] Nefrology

18. EEG is connected with?
[a] Kidney
[b] Liver
[c] Brain
[d] Heart

19. First woman chief election commissioner of India?
[a] VS Ramadevi
[b] Sujatha Kripalani
[c] Vijayalakshmi Pandit
[d] Fathima Beevi

20. World Red Cross Day is
[a] May 9
[b] May 8
[c] May 3
[d] May 7

21. Sati was declared illegal and punishable during the Governor Generalship of?
[a] Lord William Bentik
[b] Lord Canning
[c] Lord Ripon
[d] Lord Dalhousie

22. Paper currency first started in India in?
[a] 1862
[b] 1542
[c] 1601
[d] 1680

23. The largest Gulf in the world is?
[a] Gulf of Mexico
[b] Persian Gulf
[c] Gulf of Carpenteria
[d] Gulf of Mannar

24. The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is located in which of the following cities?
[a] Jakarta
[b] Singapore
[c] Bangkok
[d] Manila

25. The first to come and last to leave India was?
[a] The Portuguese
[b] The French
[c] The English
[d] The Dutch

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