Kerala PSC - Assistant Grade II, Kerala Housing Board Solved Paper (32/2019)

Assistant Grade II, Kerala Housing Board Exam Solved Question Paper, Category No. 32/2019, Exam conducted on 20 Jul 2019.

1. How long does a train 110m long running at the speed of 72 km/hr take to cross a bridge 132m in length?
[a] 12.1 sec
[b] 20.5 sec
[c] 10.5 sec
[d] 11.2 sec

2. The next term in the following series is:
1, 3, 7, 15, ___
[a] 21
[b] 23
[c] 31
[d] 29

3. The average age of class of 25 students is 24 years. The average increased by 1 when the age of teacher is also included. What is the age of the teacher?
[a] 29
[b] 22
[c] 50
[d] 35

4. If men working 4 hours a day can do a work in 8 days, in how many days will 36 men finish it by working 8 hours a day:
[a] 4
[b] 5
[c] 6
[d] 3

5. 33⅓ of 33 is:
[a] 33
[b] 1
[c] 100
[d] 11

6. A sum of money becomes Rs. 13380 after 3 years and Rs. 26,760 after 6 years on compount interest. The sum is:
[a] 6680
[b] 6290
[c] 9060
[d] 6690

7. The product of two numbers is 1520 and their HCF is 5, the LCM of the numbers is:
[a] 304
[b] 310
[c] 760
[d] 7600

8. If a:b=2:3 and b:c=4:5 then a:b:c is:
[a] 8:12:15
[b] 2:4:5
[c] 8:12:16
[d] 2:3:5

9. January 1, 2007 was Monday, what day of the week lies on January 1, 2008:
[a] Monday
[b] Wednesday
[c] Tuesday
[d] Sunday

10. How many times do the hands of a clock coincide in a day?
[a] 24
[b] 22
[c] 44
[d] 12

11. Average age of A, B and C is 40 years. If average age of B and C is 45 years and the age of B is 40, then what is the sum of ages of A and C?
[a] 120
[b] 90
[c] 70
[d] 80

12. There are 3 pipes in a tank. If first pipe is opened the tank is filled in one hour. If second pipe is opened the tank is filled in seventy five minutes. If third pipe is opened the tank is filled in fifty minutes. If all the three pipes are opened simultaneously, the tank is filled in:
[a] 32
[b] 29
[c] 25
[d] 20

13. The HCF of two numbers is 24. The number which can be their LCM is:
[a] 128
[b] 120
[c] 138
[d] 150

14. Find the missing digits:
5, 11, 23, ___, 95
[a] 47
[b] 40
[c] 61
[d] 51

15. Using the relation find the missing letters in the following:
BOQD : ERTG :: ANPC : ___
[a] FSHU
[b] CPSF
[c] DQSF
[d] FQHS

16. F is the father of A, C is the daughter of A, K is the sister of F and G is the brotehr of C. Who is the uncle of G?
[a] C
[b] F
[c] A
[d] None of these

17. A walks a distance of 3 KM towards north, then turns to his left and walks for 2 KM. He again turns left and walks for 3 KM. At this point he turns to his right and walks for 3 KM. How many KM and in what direction is he from the starting point?
[a] 5 KM and West
[b] 3 KM and South
[c] 2 KM and South
[d] 4 KM and West

18. B is twice as old as A but twice younger than F. C is half the age of A but twice older than D. Which two persons from the pair of the oldest and the youngest?
[a] B oldest and D youngest
[b] B oldest and C youngest
[c] F oldest and D youngest
[d] F oldest and C youngest

19. The following question consists of a number series which contains a wrong term. This term is given as one of the laternatives among the FOUR numbers given below it. Find out the WRONG term in the following:
1, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, 29
[a] 1
[b] 4
[c] 7
[d] 11

20. (999² - 998²) ÷ 10 x 100 + 3 = :
[a] 29987
[b] 29978
[c] 19973
[d] None of these

21. Even though high cholesterol level is harmful, cholesterol helps for synthesis of a vitamin in our body. This vitamin is:
[a] Vitamin A
[b] Vitamin D
[c] Vitamin E
[d] Vitamin K

22. Consider the following hormones produced by our body and corresponding deficiency disease:
(i) Thyroxine - Cushing's syndrome
(ii) Vasopressin - Diabetes Insipidius
(iii) Insulin - Diabetes mellitus
(iv) Gluco corticoids - Addison's disease

[a] Only (iii) is correct
[b] Only (ii) and (iii) are correct
[c] (ii), (iii) and (iv) are correct
[d] All are correct

23. When water is cooled ice is formed. By which of the following reasons does this changes occur?
[a] Volume increase and density decrease
[b] Volume increase and density increase
[c] Volume decrease and density decrease
[c] Volume decrease and density increase

24. A pH of 7-8 is suitable of crops of Cabbage. After soil analysis, the farmer is asked to sprinkle slaked lime to soil to obtain optimum pH for that crop. So what will be the pH found on soil test?
[a] Below 6
[b] Above 8
[c] 7.5
[d] None of these

25. Of the following which one is not an Allotrope of Carbon?
[a] Diamond
[b] GRaphite
[c] Fullerenes
[d] Naphthalene

26. The main reason for stars appear to be twinkle for us is:
[a] Refraction
[b] Reflection
[c] Diffraction
[d] Scattering

27. Theoretically the end of stars having mass less than 1.44 times the mass of the Sun will be in the form of:
[a] Neutron stars
[b] Black holes
[c] Black dwarf
[d] Black stars

28. According to Robert Whittaker in which of the following Kingdom does the Bacteria belong:
[a] Protista
[b] Monera
[c] Fungi
[d] Animalia

29. From the following processes choose the one which does not helps for the absorption of water from the soil by roots:
[a] Root Pressure
[b] Chohesion
[c] Transpiration
[d] Osmosis

30. All of the following are examples of connective tissue, except:
[a] Bones
[b] Blood
[c] Cartilages
[d] Muscles

31. Who bagged the Man Booker International Award of 2018?
[a] David Grossman
[b] Olga Tokarczuk
[c] Han Kang
[d] Lydia Davis

32. Who was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Italy recently?
[a] Paolo Gentiloni
[b] Matteo Renzi
[c] Giuseppe Conte
[d] Enrico Letta

33. Which of the following country has the highest World Peace Index?
[a] New Zealand
[b] Iceland
[c] Austria
[d] Portugal

34. Who was appointed as the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India recently?
[a] Vijay Raghavan
[b] CNR Rao
[c] Rajgopala Chidambaram
[d] Homi Sethna

35. Who bagged the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2017?
[a] Sanjay Dutt
[b] Manoj Kumar
[c] Shashi Kapoor
[d] Vinod Khanna

36. In which state the Patratu Super Tharmal Power Project is located?
[a] Sikkim
[b] Arunachal Pradesh
[c] Jharkhand
[d] Tripura

37. Which is the first Latin American Country to join NATO recently?
[a] Cuba
[b] Columbia
[c] Brazil
[d] Argentina

38. Who bagged the French Open Tennis Championship in 2017?
[a] Rafael Nadal
[b] Novak Djokovic
[c] Stan Wawrinka
[d] Martin del Petro

39. Who was appointed as new Vigilance Director of Kerala?
[a] P Vijayan
[b] Merlin Joseph
[c] R Sreelakha
[d] BS Mohammed Yasin

40. Which of the following became the oldest player of World Cup Football?
[a] Essam El-Hadary
[b] Rafael Marquez
[c] Tim Cahill
[d] Willy Caballero

41. Which is the highest mountain peak in Karnataka?
[a] Babu budangiri
[b] Tadiandamol Peak
[c] Mullayanagiri
[d] Kudramukh Peak

42. Which state launched the "Neeru Meeru Programme" in 2000 to improve ground water level?
[a] Gujarat
[b] Andra Pradesh
[c] West Bengal
[d] Karnataka

43. The Indian environmentalist who won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2017:
[a] Prafulla Samantara
[b] Mark Lopez
[c] Wendy Bowman
[d] None of these

44. Which is the largest Bauxite producer state in India?
[a] Andra Pradesh
[b] Madhya Pradesh
[c] Bihar
[d] Odisha

45. Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a health protection scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on:
[a] 23 Sep 2018
[b] 25 Dec 2o14
[c] 14 Nov 2018
[d] 01 Jan 2019

46. Which is the largest river in Odisha?
[a] Baitarani
[b] Bhargavi river
[c] Mahanadi
[d] Krishna river

47. NITI Aayog was formed in India on:
[a] 1 Jan 2017
[b] 1 Jan 2015
[c] 1 Jan 2016
[d] 1 Jl 2015

48. Who among the following person is not associated with Kochi Rajya Prajamandalam?
[a] Ekkanda Warrier
[b] VR Krishnan Ezhuthachan
[c] S Neelakanda Iyyer
[d] None of these

49. The British Governor General who introduced the Subsidiary Alliance system in India:
[a] Lord Canning
[b] Lord Wellesly
[c] Lord Delhousie
[d] Lord Lytton

50. Indian National Congress celebrated the first Independence Day on:
[a] 15 Aug 1947
[b] 14 Aug 1947
[c] 26 Jan 2930
[d] 8 Aug 1942

51. The famous proclamation issued in the name of Bahadur Shah II appealed to the people to join the fight against British in 1857:
[a] Asamgarh Proclamation
[b] Allahabad Proclamation
[c] Kundara Proclamation
[d] None of these

52. Who lead the revolt of 1857 at Lucknow?
[a] Beegam Hazrath Mahal
[b] Bahadur Shah II
[c] Nana Saheb
[d] Jhansi Rani

53. Lord Cornwallis introduced the Permanent Land Settlement in Bengal in :
[a] 1820
[b] 1772
[c] 1793
[d] 1857

54. The term Tirthangaras is associated with the religon of:
[a] Buddhism
[b] Jainism
[c] Sikkim
[d] None of these

55. The famous Social Reformer Mar Kuriakose Ellias Chavara born at:
[a] Padyathu
[b] Vengannur
[c] Mezhathur
[d] Kainakari

56. Kamuthi Solar Power Plant is the largest solar power plant in India situated at:
[a] Tamilnadu
[b] Andrapradesh
[c] Rajasthan
[d] Gujarat

57. Good and Service Tax in India came into force on:
[a] 1 Apr 2017
[b] 1 Jul 2018
[c] 1 Jul 2017
[d] 1 Apr 2018

58. In the Census 2011 which is the highest Literacy District in India:
[a] Aizwal
[b] Mahe
[c] Kottayam
[d] Serchhip

59. The Dampa Tiger Reserve is the largest wildlife sanctuary situated in the state of:
[a] Odisha
[b] Nagaland
[c] Manipur
[d] Mizoram

60. Which is considered as the World's largest masonry dam?
[a] Hirakud Dam
[b] Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
[c] Tehri Dam
[d] Idukki Arch Dam

61. The Article of the Indian Constitution specifies about right to life?
[a] Article 14
[b] Article 19
[c] Article 21
[d] Article 24

62. By which Consitutional Amendment Act was the fundamental duties inserted in the Indian Constitution?
[a] 42nd Amendment 1976
[b] 44th Amendment 1978
[c] 52nd Amendment 1985
[d] 61st Amendment 1988

63. Article 44 of the Directive Principles of State Policy specifies about:
[a] Village Panchayats
[b] Uniform Civil Code
[c] Cottage Industries
[d] International Peace

64. Name the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
[a] Vinod Rai
[b] Shashi Kant Sharma
[c] VN Kaul
[d] Rajiv Mehrishi

65. Who appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India?
[a] President
[b] Prime Minister
[c] Home Minister
[d] Law Minister

66. The 101st Constitutional Amendment Act 2016 is related to:
[a] Income Tax
[b] Goods and Services Tax
[c] Sales Tax
[d] Entertainment Tax

67. When did Goa get separated from the Union Territory of Daman and Diu and achieve full statehood?
[a] 1956
[b] 1971
[c] 1987
[d] 2000

68. NITI Aayog has replaced which of the following?
[a] Planning Commission
[b] Finance Commission
[c] GST Council
[d] Inter State Council

69. In which year was the Indian Citizenship Act passed?
[a] 1947
[b] 1950
[c] 1955
[d] 1956

70. When was the Constitution of India brought into force?
[a] 26 Nov 1946
[b] 26 Jan 1949
[c] 26 Nov 1949
[d] 26 Jan 1950

71. People play football all over the world (Report the sentence)
[a] People all over the world is played football
[b] All the people played football
[c] Football was played by all people in the world
[d] Football is played all over the world

72. ___ Rich should help ___ poor.
[a] a, the
[b] the, the
[c] the, a
[d] an, the

73. Neither food not water ___ to be found there.
[a] was
[b] were
[c] is
[d] are

74. I hope the work will be finished ___ December.
[a] in
[b] by
[c] on
[d] at

75. Write the Synonym fo the world - 'sad':
[a] Happy
[b] Pathetic
[c] Cruel
[d] Unhappy

76. It is there he is hoping to ___ his message of hope.
[a] get at
[b] get into
[c] get across
[d] get away with

77. Write one word for "Killing of one's own brother"
[a] Fratricide
[b] Oedipus complex
[c] Fatalist
[d] Fenaticide

78. It is a ___ store.
[a] Stationary
[b] Stationery
[c] Stationry
[d] Steitionary

79. Neither of the boys ___ left.
[a] are
[b] has
[c] being
[d] have

80. Write the indriest speech of "Don't Sleep"
[a] You ordered not to sleep
[b] You ordered to not sleep
[c] You are instructed not to sleep
[d] You are advised to not sleep

91. Which of the following is an Operating System?
[a] Google
[b] Yahoo
[c] Linux
[d] Bing

92. Who is known as the fatehr of computer science and Artificial Intelligence?
[a] Bill Gates
[b] Linus Torvalds
[c] Alan Turning
[d] Dennis Ritchie

Father of Computer Science : Alan Turning
Father of Artificial Intelligence : John McCarthy

93. Which of the First Electronic Computer?

94. Which of the following is a programming language?
[a] Http
[b] Java
[c] Eclips
[d] Android

95. Which robot got citizenship in Saudi Arabia in the year 2017?
[a] Atlas
[b] Kirobo
[c] Sophia
[d] Namo

96. Step by step procedure to solve a problem is called:
[a] Debugging
[b] Algorithm
[c] Programming
[d] Testing

97. Present CEO of Microsoft is:
[a] Satya Nadella
[b] Bill Gates
[c] Rajeev Suri
[d] Sundar Pichai

98. First free email service for the public was:

99. Choose the odd one out:
[a] Printer
[b] Keyboard
[c] Monitor
[d] Projector

100. Number of bits used in Binary Number System is:
[a] 16
[b] 8
[c] 10
[d] 2

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