Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 98

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 98

1. Find out the correct sentence:
[a] I shall come on next Sunday
[b] I shall come next Sunday
[c] I shall come on the next Sunday
[d] I shall come at the next Sunday

2. Synonym for the word valour is:
[a] Courage
[b] Value
[c] Wisdom
[d] Valley

3. Antonym of mortal is:
[a] Immortal
[b] Inmortal
[c] Unmortal
[d] Dismortal

4. Find out the correct spelling:
[a] Dictionery
[b] Dictonairy
[c] Dictionary
[d] Dectionary

5. One word substitute for 'a deep or seemingly bottomless space' is:
[a] Gutter
[b] Abyss
[c] Hole
[d] Burrow

6. You will do the work,___ ?
[a] Will you?
[b] Won't you?
[c] Do you?
[d] Don't you?

7. Akshara is fond __ sweets.
[a] of
[b] at
[c] to
[d] for

8. Complete the following sentence using the appropriate idiom:
'Balu passed the exam ____.
[a] by and large
[b] with flying colours
[c] by fits and starts
[d] in black and blue

9. Either Appu or I ___ to blame.
[a] are
[b] was
[c] is
[d] am

10. Anitha had pneumonia, but she ___ it.
[a] got rid of
[b] got along
[c] got over
[d] got away

11. The feminine gender of 'Lad' is:
[a] lass
[b] boy
[c] girl
[d] lady

12. If you learn well. ____
[a] you would pass
[b] you could pass
[c] you would have passed
[d] you will pass

13. The passive form of 'Achu plays cricket'is:
[a] Cricket was played by Achu
[b] Cricket is played by Achu
[c] Cricket was being played by Achu
[d] Cricket is playing by Achu

14. Kannan said, "I wrote a letter" :
[a] Kannan said that he had written a letter
[b] Kannan said that he has written a letter
[c] Kannan said that he had been writing a letter
[d] Kannan said that he wrote a letter

15. I will meet him, ___.
[a] when he will come
[b] when he come
[c] when he comes
[d] when he would come

16. Richard is ___ European by birth.
[a] an
[b] a
[c] the
[d] none of the above

17. Suma is ___ than Rema.
[a] tall
[b] tallest
[c] taller
[d] none of the above

18. The prefix 'anti' means
[a] against
[b] in favour of
[c] many
[d] after

19. The Latin phrase 'ad hoc' means
[a] To the end
[b] For the mean time
[c] From office
[d] For this special purpose

20. He is a member of the ___ board.
[a] Sensor
[b] Censor
[c] Censure
[d] Censer

21. Who discovered blood groups?
[a] Karl Landsteiner
[b] William Harvey
[c] Blundell
[d] None of these

22. The gas absorbed by plants during photosynthesis:
[a] Nitrogen
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Carbon dioxide
[d] Oxygen

23. 'Jamica Tall' is a variety of:
[a] Rubber
[b] Pepper
[c] Sugarcane
[d] Coconut tree

24. Which of these is a fruit?
[a] Onion
[b] Potato
[c] Brinjal
[d] Tomato

25. Which is called "the herb of immortality" by the old Egyptians?
[a] Aloe vera
[b] Alspice
[c] Cinnamon
[d] Cinchona

26. The life of RBC is about
[a] 60 days
[b] 80 days
[c] 90 days
[d] 120 days

27. The study of liver:
[a] Cardiology
[b] Herpatology
[c] Nephrology
[d] Hepatology

28. Plant growth can be promoted with the help of:
[a] Carbohydrates
[b] Hormones
[c] Proteins
[d] Vitamins

29. Hepatitis is caused by:
[a] Virus
[b] Fungus
[c] Bacteria
[d] Protozoa

30. The largest organ of human body:
[a] Femur
[b] Liver
[c] Skin
[d] Heart

31. Photocopier was invented by:
[a] Chester Carlson
[b] Marconi
[c] Herschell
[d] Leo Bakeland

32. The glass used to make thermometers:
[a] Safety glass
[b] Pyrex glass
[c] Flint glass
[d] Water glass

33. The red colour of Mars is due to:
[a] Iodine
[b] Ferric oxide
[c] Potassium Permanganate
[d] Methyl red

34. One Calorie  = ___ Joule:
[a] 2.2
[b] 3.2
[c] 4.2
[d] 5.2

35. Excape velocity in Moon is ___ KM/sec
[a] 11.2
[b] 2.38
[c] 4.36
[d] 5.5

36. Substance used for making artificial heart valve:
[a] PVC
[b] Nylon
[c] Terrilyn
[d] Teflon

37. The bubbles in Champagne are:
[a] Carbon dioxide
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Oxygen
[d] Nitrogen

38. Who discovered electro megnetic induction?
[a] Michael Faraday
[b] Alexandre Volta
[c] Huygens
[d] Newton

39. The unit of luminous flux:
[a] Lux
[b] Candela
[c] Lumen
[d] Tesla

40. Impure camphor is purified by:
[a] Sublimation
[b] Fractional crystallisation
[c] Fractional distillation
[d] Steam distillation

41. Jayaprakash Narayan was a leader from:
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Punjab
[c] Uttar Pradesh
[d] Bihar

42. Which book has similarity with Rig Veda?
[a] Bible
[b] Khoran
[c] Zend Avesta
[d] Torah

43. In which year Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged?
[a] 1919
[b] 1913
[c] 1931
[d] 1921

44. The boundary between India and Pakistan was demarcated by:
[a] Lord Mountbatten
[b] Sir Cyril Radcliffe
[c] Sir Straffor Cripps
[d] Lawrence

45. Who gave the slogan "Dilli Chalo"?
[a] Gandhiji
[b] Rash Behari Bose
[c] Subhas Chandra Bose
[d] Nehru

46. Who was the first economic thinker of modern India?
[a] WC Bannerjee
[b] Dadabhai Naoroji
[c] Ram Mohan Roy
[d] PC Mahalanobis

47. Whose autobiography is 'A Nation is Making'?
[a] Subhas Chandra Bose
[b] Bhagat Singh
[c] Surendranath Banerjee
[d] Dadabhai Navroji

48. Who is known as Lion of Punjab?
[a] Bhagat Singh
[b] Chandrashekhar Azad
[c] Sukhdev
[d] Lala Lajpat Rai

49. Who was the Viceroy when Non-Cooperation movement was repealed?
[a] Chelmsford
[b] Wellington
[c] Irwin
[d] Reading

50. In 1883 who established All India National Conference in Calcutta?
[a] WC Banerjee
[b] Surendranath Bannerjee
[c] Sirir Bose
[d] None of these

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