Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 30

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 30

1. What do the paintings of Ajanta depict?
[a] Ramayana
[b] Mahabharata
[c] Jatakas
[d] Panchatantra

2. The Government of which state has instituted the `Tansen Saman`?
[a] Uttar Pradesh
[b] Madhya Pradesh
[c] Gujarat
[d] Maharashtra

3. Devaluation usually cause the Internal prices to ?
[a] fall
[b] rise
[c] remain unchanged
[d] none

4. Swami Vivekananda founded Ramakrishna mission in?
[a] 1897
[b] 1894
[c] 1896
[d] 1895

5. Which is the world`s largest desert?
[a] Sahara
[b] Gobi
[c] Thar
[d] Takalamakan

6. Who was the first known Gupta ruler?
[a] Sri Gupta
[b] Chandragupta I
[c] Ghatolkacha
[d] Kumaragupta I

7. World Health Day is observed on?
[a] June 5
[b] April 7
[c] June 7
[d] July 11

8. Where is the National Academy of Agricultural Research Management located?
[a] Dehradun
[b] Hyderabad
[c] New Delhi
[d] Itanagar

9. IR 20 and Ratna are two important varieties of?
[a] Wheat
[b] Bajra
[c] Jower
[d] Paddy

10. Which is the second nearest star to the Earth after the sun?
[a] Vega
[b] Sirius
[c] Proxima centauri
[d] Alpha centauri

11. The Union Territory which has the least population as per the 2011 census is?
[a] Lakshadweep
[b] Puducherry
[c] Chandigarh
[d] Andaman

12. India shares the longest boundary line with which of the following countries?
[a] Bangladesh
[b] Pakistan
[c] Afganistan
[d] China

13. To which God of the Hindu pantheon is the Gayathri Manthra addressed?
[a] Shiva
[b] Vishnu
[c] Surya
[d] Yama

14. The first Portugese viceroy to India?
[a] Magallan
[b] Albuquerque
[c] Francisco Almeda
[d] Vasco de Gama

15. Sankaradeva was a religious reformed in?
[a] Bengal
[b] Assam
[c] Maharashtra
[d] Gujarath

16. The only session of Indian National Congress to hold in a village?
[a] Tripuri
[b] Kakkinada
[c] Faizpur
[d] Gaya

17. Amarnath is a holy place for
[a] Hindus
[b] Jains
[c] Buddhists
[d] Christians

18. The most widely spoken foreign language in India?
[a] French
[b] Arabic
[c] Portuguese
[d] English

19. The kheda Satyagraha of Gandhiji was in ?
[a] 1917
[b] 1918
[c] 1919
[d] 1920

20. The river known as `Sorrow of Bihar` is?
[a] Chambal
[b] Kosi
[c] Damodar
[d] Brahmaputra

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