Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 55

1. Longest Muscle in humanbody
[a] Stapedius
[b] Lungs
[c] Gluteus Maximus
[d] Sartorius

2. Number of bones are in Ribs
[a] 14
[b] 6
[c] 33
[d] 24

3. Hypertension is known as
[a] Black Death
[b] Silent Killer
[c] Koch’s Disease
[d] Grave Disease

4. The element present in Chlorophyll
[a] Magnesium
[b] Potassium
[c] Calcium
[d] Chlorine

5. Elephants have
[a] 6 teeth
[b] 4 teeth
[c] 32 teeth
[d] 56 teeth

6. Swine Flu was first reported in India at
[a] Kolkata
[b] Mumbai
[c] Hyderabad
[d] Goa

7. Hormone which reconverts glycogen into glucose
[a] Insulin
[b] Glucagon
[c] Humulin
[d] Amylase

8. The colour of the human liver
[a] Reddish brown
[b] Grey
[c] Red
[d] Black

9. The element essential for healthy teeth
[a] Calcium
[b] Potassium
[c] Fluorine
[d] Phosphorus

10. First human artifical heart transplantation was performed in?
[a] America
[b] France
[c] Sweeden
[d] South Africa

11. Heart beat is controlled by
[a] Cerebellum
[b] Cerebrum
[c] Medulla Oblongata
[d] Thalamus

12. The platelets are otherwise known as
[a] Erythrocytes
[b] Leucocytes
[c] Thrombocytes
[d] None of these

13. Rarest blood group
[a] AB-ve
[b] B+ve
[c] AB+ve
[d] O+ve

14. Lungs volume can be measured using
[a] Spirometer
[b] Manometer
[c] Pyrometer
[d] Animometer

15. Short sight otherwise known as
[a] Hypermetropia
[b] Myopia
[c] Astigmatism
[d] Cataract

16. Keratoplasty is related with
[a] Liver
[b] Eye
[c] Lungs
[d] Heart

17. Number of cranical nerves are in humanbody
[a] 10 pairs
[b] 12 pairs
[c] 31 pairs
[d] 11 pairs

18. Largest cell in humanbody
[a] Sperm
[b] Ovum
[c] Neuron
[d] Mycoplasma

19. Power house of a cell
[a] Nucleus
[b] Golgibodies
[c] Chloroplast
[d] Mitrochondria

20. The famous book of Aristotle
[a] History of Animals
[b] Historia Plantum
[c] Natural History
[d] Systema Naturae

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