Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 22

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 22

1. Indian security paper mill located at
[a] Kolkata
[b] Nasik
[c] Hyderabad
[d] Hoshangabad

2. The restrictions of newspaper in India was withdrawn by
[a] Lord Rippon
[b] William Bentick
[c] Lord Hastings
[d] Lord Wellesley

3. Who led the revolt of 1857 at ‘Gwalior’
[a] Nana Sahib
[b] Kanwar Singh
[c] Rani Lakshmi Bai
[d] Khan Bahadar Khan

4. The Government of India Act 1935 was described as a ‘powerful engine without breaks’ by
[a] Gandhiji
[b] Nehru
[c] Ambedkar
[d] Lord Linlithgow

5. Gandhiji was nominated for Nobel Prize for the first time in which year
[a] 1932
[b] 1934
[c] 1940
[d] 1937

6. Which place is called little Tibet
[a] Ladak
[b] Leb
[c] SriNagar
[d] Lassa

8. In which year the Yandaboo Treaty was signed
[a] 1856
[b] 1830
[c] 1826
[d] 1846

9. The total number of Rows in MS excel is
[a] 65536
[b] 56536
[c] 66536
[d] 1846

10. Find the binary equivalent of decimal number 31
[a] 11111
[b] 111
[c] 1111
[d] 11110

11. A private network inside a company is called
[a] Internet
[b] Intranet
[c] WWW
[d] ISP

12. Which command allows to make a directory
[a] make
[b] DIR
[c] MD
[d] DD

13. In IT Act 2008, section 65 deals with
[a] Hacking with computer system
[b] Punishment for identifying theft
[c] Punishment for chenting by personation by using computer resources
[d] Tampering with computer source documents

14. The small pictures on the window desktop is called
[a] Commands
[b] Tabs
[c] Menus
[d] Icons

15. Which of the following country, recently levied environment tax for preventing pollution
[a] China
[b] America
[c] Swedan
[d] Brazil

16. The G-20 meeting of 2016 was held at
[a] Paris
[b] New york
[c] Tokyo
[d] Hangzhou

17. The name of Big Ben tower
[a] Elizabeth Tower
[b] Royal Mekka Tower
[c] Varsa Tower
[d] Eiffel Tower

18. The newly appointed Joint Secretary in PM’s advisory council
[a] Ratan Watal
[b] Surjith Bhalla
[c] Sumitha Misra
[d] Ashima Goya

19. President Ram Nath Kovind inagurated the fibre grid project, aiming at providing high-speed inetrnet service to every household in which state
[a] Kerala
[b] Karnata
[c] Odisha
[d] Andhra Pradesh

20. Which of the following schemes aims to provide food security for all through public distribution system
[a] Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)
[b] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
[c] Balika Samridhi Yojana (BSY)
[d] Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana (VAMBAY)

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