Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 21

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 21

1. Which element is stored in wax
[a] Barium
[b] Sodium
[c] Lithium
[d] Potassium

2. The Conversion of substance directly from solid to Vapour state is known as
[a] Sublimation
[b] Condensation
[c] Vaporization
[d] Pasteurization

3. Which of the following is known as, skeletal system of the cell
[a] Lysosomed
[b] Mitochondria
[c] Golgibodies
[d] Endoplasmic reticulam

4. The digestive enzyme of fat is
[a] Lipase
[b] Amalase
[c] Pepsin
[d] Ptyalin

5. The study of bones is known as
[a] osteogenisis
[b] osteology
[c] Hipppology
[d] Hepatology

6. World diabetes day is observed on
[a] November 14
[b] April 15
[c] September 21
[d] December 1

7. The only Indian state which shares boundary with Afganistan
[a] West Bengal
[b] Assam
[c] Meghalaya
[d] Jammu & Kashmir

8. Length of the river Indus is ____km
[a] 4100km
[b] 3180 km
[c] 3400 km
[d] 4800km

9. Which river is known as Telungu Ganga
[a] Kaveri
[b] Godavari
[c] Brahmaputra
[d] Krishna

10. Forest Consevation Act came into force in India in the year
[a] 1980
[b] 1986
[c] 1952
[d] 1972

11. First hydro electric project in India
[a] Chutak hydro electric plant
[b] Nimoo Bazgo hydro electric plant
[c] Sivasamudram
[d] None of these

12. First wild life sanctuary in India which was established for protecting a plant species
[a] Kurinjimala Sanctuary
[b] Pambar
[c] Peechi - Vazhani
[d] Choolannur

13. A gift of Monotheism is a book written by
[a] Sir Syed Ahamad Khan
[b] Raja Ram Mohan Roy
[c] Almaram Pandurang
[d] Dayananda Saraswathi

14. The Slogan Swaraj is my birth right was raised by
[a] Bal Gangadhar Thilak
[b] Jyotiba Phule
[c] Subhash Chandra Bose
[d] Bhagat Singh

15. Who is the spiritual father of modern Indian Nationalism
[a] Subhash Chandra Bose
[b] Madan Mohan Malaviya
[c] Swami Vivekananda
[d] Bal Gangadhar Tilak

16. Tatwabodhini Sabha’ was founded by
[a] Debendranath Tagore
[b] Jawaharlal Nehru
[c] Kesav Chandra Sen
[d] V.D.Savarkar

17. Indian Independence League was founded at
[a] London
[b] Dhakka
[c] Singapore
[d] Tokyo

18. Indian Home Rule society was founded in
[a] 1903
[b] 1904
[c] 1905
[d] 1906

19. Which animal embossed on the emblem of Reserve Bank of India
[a] Lion
[b] Tiger
[c] Elephant
[d] None of these

20. IFSC’ in banking indicates
[a] The Indian Financial system code
[b] Indian Foreign Security Circle
[c] Independent Financial System Code
[d] Income Frequent Solution Core

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