Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 17

1. NRDP is organised in?
[a] 1991
[b] 1992
[c] 1993
[d] 1994

2. Plants growing in dry habitat are called?
[a] Xerophytes
[b] Lithophytes
[c] Mesophytes
[d] Crysophytes

3. The Constitutional Assembly formed the `Drafting Committee` of Indian Constitution on?
[a] 29 August 1947
[b] 29 October 1947
[c] 29 August 1948
[d] 29 October 1948

4. `Kozhanchery speech` is related with which of the following movements?
[a] Electricity Agitation
[b] Abstention movement
[c] Punnapra Vayalar upheaval
[d] Vaikkom sathyagraha

5. Which of the following train is running between Kolkata and Dhaka?
[a] Thar Express
[b] Maitree Express
[c] Samjhauta Express
[d] All of the above

6. Henry is the unit of?
[a] Capacitance
[b] Resistance
[c] Inductance
[d] Reactance

7. Chemical substances used for relieving pain
[a] Antiseptic
[b] Tranquillizer
[c] Antibiotic
[d] Analgesics

8. Name the first Indian city which have a city animal?
[a] Dispur
[b] Dhubri
[c] Guwahati
[d] Allahabad

9. Which mountain ranges seperate the southern part of India from the Northern part?
[a] Nilgiris
[b] Aravalli
[c] Vindhya
[d] Western Ghats

10. Which State in India touches the boundaries of the largest number of other States?
[a] Haryana
[b] Madhya Pradesh
[c] Uttar Pradesh
[d] Karnataka

11. Which color label is used to indicate highly toxic pesticides?
[a] Yellow
[b] Red
[c] Green
[d] Blue

12. Which country behind the `One Belt One Road` initiative?
[a] India
[b] China
[c] Bhutan
[d] Nepal

13. The World Youth Skills Day is observed on ?
[a] July 15
[b] August 15
[c] june 1
[d] March 22

14. Who was the founder of Sarada Book Depot?
[a] Ayyankali
[b] Pandit Karuppan
[c] Kumaranasan
[d] K.M. Panicker

15. Who was the author of Sivayogarahasym?
[a] Vagbhabanandan
[b] Brahmananda Sivayogi
[c] Chattambi Swamikal
[d] Thycaud Ayya

16. Who established Raja Yogananda Kaumudi in 1911?
[a] Chattambi Swamikal
[b] Poikayil Yohannan
[c] Vagbhatananda
[d] Sree Narayana Guru

17. Which Indian State declared Urdu second Language`?
[a] Madhyapradesh
[b] Punjab
[c] Karnataka
[d] Telangana

18. The autobiography `Citizen Delhi: My Times, My Life` written by?
[a] Sheila Dikshit
[b] Suchetha Kripalani
[c] Nandini Satpathy
[d] Anandiben Patel

19. Who won 2017 Nobel prize in Economics for his work on behavioural economics?
[a] Richard Henry
[b] Richard H.Thaler
[c] Bengt Holmstrom
[d] Oliver Hart

20. Which country hosted its first marathon for women?
[a] Qatar
[b] Kuwait
[c] Malidives
[d] Saudi Arabia

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