Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 18

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 18

1. Nothing was known about him,_____?
[a] was it
[b] wasn`t it
[c] is n`t it
[d] is it

2. You can trust her she _____ not cheat you
[a] will
[b] would
[c] ought
[d] could

3. A person who under takes a commercial/ venture is a/an _____
[a] Enterpreneur
[b] Businessman
[c] Shopkeeper
[d] Manager

4. "The moon shines at night" is an example of?
[a] Imperative sentence
[b] Interrogative sentence
[c] Declarative sentence
[d] Exclamatory sentence

5. The reported speed of "He said. I have done my home work" is:
[a] He said that he has done his home work
[b] He said that he was done his homework
[c] He said that he has been done his home work
[d] He said that he had done his home work

6. Pick out the singular form from the given words?
[a] Stadia
[b] Data
[c] Criteria
[d] Radius

7. The word nearest in meaning of the word `endeavour` is?
[a] Attempt
[b] Debate
[c] Expand
[d] Disclose

8. Choose the incorrectly spelt word?
[a] malicious
[b] reccommend
[c] vacation
[d] psychology

9. The school is now assembled _____ the morning prayer
[a] for
[b] to
[c] with
[d] in

10. We can not go out now because it _____
[a] will be raining
[b] was raining
[c] is raining
[d] had been raining

11. Neither Seena nor Reena _____ well
[a] swim
[b] swims
[c] is swimming
[d] are swimming

12. We should always _____ the meaning of new words in the dictionary
[a] look into
[b] look up
[c] look over
[d] look after

13. This is the house _____ i was born
[a] were
[b] which
[c] when
[d] where

14. Opus- magnum" means
[a] a great work
[b] grateful
[c] in reality
[d] magnitude

15. How long have _____ here?
[a] you wait
[b] you been waiting
[c] you are waiting
[d] you waited

16. I hope you will excuse _____ early
[a] my leaving
[b] my leave
[c] me leaving
[d] me leave

17. That work is _____ for any man to do single handed
[a] more than enough
[b] much more
[c] very much
[d] too much

18. If you had worked hard, you _____ a first class
[a] will get
[b] may get
[c] would have got
[d] might get

19. The word `clandestine` means:
[a] clear
[b] tiresome
[c] doubtful
[d] secret

20. Complete the saying "well began is ____"
[a] full completed
[b] just started
[c] not started
[d] half done

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