Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 20

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 20

1. First historical evidence which was discovered from Kerala is
[a] Vazhappilli Inscription
[b] Jewish Inscription
[c] Mampally Inscription
[d] Tharisappally inscription

2. Colachel war was held on
[a] August 10, 1741
[b] June 10, 1741
[c] November10, 1741
[d] September 10, 1741

3. The revolt which was conducted for travelling the lower caste through public roads
[a] Vaikkom Satyagraha
[b] Villuvandi Yatra
[c] Channar revolt
[d] Guruvayoor Satyagraha

4. The book ‘Athmanuthapam’ was written by
[a] Vaikunda Swami
[b] Thycaud Ayya
[c] Chattampi swami
[d] Kuriakose Elias Chavara

5. Mind is the god and control of mind is supreme achievement is the words of
[a] Vagbhatananda
[b] Brahmanda Sivayogi
[c] Arattupuzha Velayuda Panicker
[d] Ayyankali

6. Which district in Keral having the most number of Railway stations
[a] Palakkad
[b] Kozhikode
[c] Trivandrum
[d] Thrissur

7. Kerala State Farming Corporation is located at
[a] Chavara
[b] Punalur
[c] Kundara
[d] Kottarakkara

8. Kottayam district was formed on
[a] November 1, 1949
[b] June 1, 1956
[c] November 1, 1956
[d] July 1, 1949

9. The bird sanctuary which is known as the ‘green lungs of Kochi’
[a] Magalavanam
[b] Thattekkad
[c] Choolannur
[d] None of these

10. First Kerala Chief Minister who appeared in the Indian Postal Stamp
[a] Pattom Thanupillai
[b] R.Sanker
[c] EMS
[d] A.K.Antony

11. Who was the Governor of Kerala during the formation of the state
[a] P.S.Rao
[b] B.Ramakrishna Rao
[c] V.P.Menon
[d] V.V.Giri

12. The publications ‘Mooknayak’ and ‘Bahishkrit Bharat’ were started by
[a] K.M.Munshi
[b] B.L.Mitter
[c] B.R.Ambedkar
[d] Nehru

13. The term ‘Republic’ indicates
[a] Implies social and economic equality
[b] Head of the state is elected directly or indirectly for a fixed tenure
[c] Election of government by universal adult franchise
[d] The government respects all religions

14. The preamble of Indian constitution declares that the Soverenighty or supreme power belong to _________
[a] people
[b] Supreme Court
[c] President
[d] Prime Minister

15. . From where the idea of writ was borrowed in Indian Constitution
[a] USA
[b] Canada
[c] Britain
[d] Russia

16. Article 324 of Indian Constitution deals with
[a] Voters list
[b] Election Commission
[c] Taxes
[d] Administrative Tribunal

17. Unit of density is ______
[a] km/m3
[b] m/s
[c] kg/m
[d] kg/m2

18. In which year C.V.Raman got Nobel Prize
[a] 1928
[b] 1929
[c] 1930
[d] 1931

19. Who is the father of Hydrogen Bomb
[a] Raja Ramanna
[b] Edward Teller
[c] Benjamin Franklin
[d] Robert Oppenheimer

20. In periodic table 16th group elements are commonly known as
[a] oxygen family
[b] Nitrogen family
[c] Boron family
[d] Carbon family

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