Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 11

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 11

1. The book `Asian Drama` was written by?
[a] Ravi Batra
[b] Gunnar Myrdal
[c] David Ricardo
[d] J.M Keynes

2. GST stands for
[a] Goods Savings Tax
[b] Goods and Sales Tax
[c] Goods and Services Tax
[d] General Sales Tax

3. Cochin stock Exchange was founded in?
[a] 1978
[b] 1980
[c] 1979
[d] 1987

4. The first ICDS project in Kerala was set up in 1975 at?
[a] Trivandrum
[b] Panmana
[c] Vengara
[d] None of these

5. NRY (Nehru Rozgar Yojan[a] was launched during the five year plan?
[a] 9th FYP
[b] 8th FYP
[c] 7th FYP
[d] 5th FYP

6. The girl children under BSY are entitled to a post birth grant amount of Rs.
[a] 400
[b] 450
[c] 550
[d] 500

7. `ENIAC` stands for?
[a] Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
[b] Electronic Numberical Intensive and Computer
[c] Electronic Numerical Intelligent and Computer
[d] None of these

8. Fourth generation computers used _____
[a] Transistors
[b] IC Chips
[c] Micro Processor
[d] Vacuum Tubes

9. Collection of facts and figures in an organised form is known as
[a] Information
[b] File
[c] Data
[d] Directory

10. 4 bit = ........
[a] Byte
[b] Nibble
[c] Exa byte
[d] Geop byte

11. Convert (2F)16 to decimal
[a] (47)10
[b] (51)10
[c] (45)10
[d] (50)10

12. File extension of pagemaker
[a] .pgm
[b] .pmd
[c] .png
[d] .pxm

13. `English education in Travancore` was introduced by?
[a] Ayillyam Thirunal
[b] Avittam Thirunal
[c] Vishakham Thirunal
[d] Swathi Thirunal

14. First hydro electric project in Kerala?
[a] Idukki
[b] Pallivasal
[c] Kuttiyadi
[d] None of these

15. `Life After Death` is a book written by?
[a] R. Sankar
[b] M.V Raghavan
[c] V.R. Krishna Iyer
[d] P.K Vasudevan

16. The district where the `Edamalayar Project` is situated?
[a] Alappuzha
[b] Idukki
[c] Ernakulam
[d] Wayanad

17. `Thusharagiri` waterfalls is located at?
[a] Kozhikode
[b] Thrissur
[c] Idukki
[d] Palakkad

18. Leader of Quit India Movement in Kozhikode?
[a] Muhammad Abdul Rahman
[b] Dr.K.B.K Menon
[c] C.H Muhammad Koya
[d] Ayyathan Gopalan

19. Who is the goodwill Ambassador of Kerala Vollyball?
[a] Mohanlal
[b] Mammootty
[c] Dileep
[d] Suresh Gopi

20. The Malayalam Newspaper with the first internet edition?
[a] Malayala Manorama
[b] Mathrubhumi
[c] Deepika
[d] Mangalam

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