Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 72

  1. The United Nations observes the birthday of Gandhiji as

  2. The largest lake of India, Chilka is situated in which state?

  3. Which is the only crator lake in India?

  4. Who has the authority to remove the members of the State Public Service Commission?

  5. Who discovered the CT Scan?

  6. What is known as the Emergency hormone?

  7. Who was the political guru of Dr. BR Ambedkar?

  8. Who was the first president of the Prajamandalam?

  9. Which is observed as the World Hepatitis Day?

  10. Who is called as the Lincoln of Kerala?

  11. Who is known as the Grand Old man of Kerala?

  12. Who is known as the Madan Mohan Malavia of Kerala?

  13. Who called Sree Narayana Guru as the Second Buddha?

  14. Who is called as the Father of Literacy in Kerala?

  15. Who is referred to as the Father of Muslim Renaissance in Kerala

  16. Which city is known as the Manchester of South India

  17. Which is known as the Mineral State of India?

  18. What is known as 'Brown coal'?

  19. Which gland is also known as 'Adam's Apple?

  20. Which part of brain is known as the relay station of brain?

  21. The headquarters of Theosophical Society in India

  22. The famous Ratholsavam festival is conducted in

  23. Tawang Monastery is situated in

  24. India's first dedicated multi wavelength space observatory

  25. Chentharuni wild life sanctuary is situated in the district of

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