Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 04

Kerala PSC - Secretariat Assistant Expected / Important Questions - 04

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 04

Kerala PSC announced Official Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018, which is going to be conducted on 13 Oct 2018. Syllabus for Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018 is mostly same as the Company Board Assistant Exam syllabus.

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions are given in the links below. Secretariat Assistant 2018 Model Question will help you to prepare for the Exam. These question are prepared from Previous Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Question papers.

1. Liquor is poison, make it not, sell it not, drink it not are the words of:
[a] Chattampi Swamikal
[b] Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi
[c] Sree Narayana Guru
[d] Ayyankali

2. The place where Duryodhana Temple is situated in Kollam district:
[a] Malanada
[b] Ochira
[c] Thirunelli
[d] Thiruvanchikulam

3. Who was called the 'Lincoln of Kerala'?
[a] Kumaranasan
[b] Chattampi Swamikal
[c] Vagbhatananda
[d] Pandit Karuppan

4. Who headed the first ministry in Kerala?
[a] Pattom Thanu Pillai
[b] R Shankar
[c] EMS Namboothirippad
[d] C Achuthamenon

5. Who undertook a studentship in poetry under Manamboor Govindan Asan?
[a] Vallathol
[b] Kumaranasan
[c] Changampuzha
[d] Ulloor

6. Jainimedu, where Kumaranasan wrote 'Veenapoovu' is in the district of:
[a] Palakkad
[b] Idukki
[c] Pathanamthitta
[d] Thiruvananthapuram

7. Panmana Ashramam is related to:
[a] Agamananda
[b] Thycaud Ayya
[c] Chattampi Swamikal
[d] Vagbhatananda

8. The first newspaper in Kerala to start Fascimile system:
[a] Desabhimani
[b] Deepika
[c] Malayala Manorama
[d] Mathrubhoomi

9. Who was respectfully called 'Superintend Ayya'?
[a] Ayya Vaikundar
[b] Kollur Ayyappan Pillai
[c] Ayyankali
[d] Thycaud Ayya

10. The Electricity agitation of Cochin was in:
[a] 1938
[b] 1939
[c] 1936
[d] 1940

11. The name 'Vagbhatananda' was given to VK Gurukkal by
[a] Sree Narayana Guru
[b] Sivayogi of Alathur
[c] Ayya Vaikundar
[d] Kumaranasan

12. Who was the first president of Nair Service Society formed in 1914 as 'Nair Bhrithyajana Sangham'?
[a] Mannath Padmanabhan
[b] GP Pillai
[c] K Kelappan
[d] Dr. Palpu

13. Who is referred to as the 'father of muslim renaissance in kerala'?
[a] Moithu Moulavi
[b] Vakkom Moulavi
[c] Abdur Rehman Sahib
[d] RK Kunj

14. The first Super hit film in Malayalam:
[a] Jeevithanouka
[b] Kandambecha Coat
[c] Velinakshatram
[d] Newspaper boy

15. Whatever may be the religion of a man, it is enough if he becomes virtuous are the words of:
[a] Ayyankali
[b] Ayya Vaikundar
[c] Sree Narayana Guru
[d] Thycaud Ayya

16. Who among the following wrote a book on 'Karl Marx' in 1912?
[a] EMS
[b] AKG
[c] K Ramakrishna Pillai
[d] GP Pillai

17. The first Sanyasa disciple of Sree Narayana Guru:
[a] Sivalinga Swamikal
[b] Bodhananda Swamikal
[c] Anandatheertha Swamikal
[d] Kittan Writer

18. Who ruled for the shortest period as Chief Minister in Kerala history?
[a] EMS
[b] PK Vasudevan Nair
[c] CH Muhammad Koya
[d] R Sankar

19. Who called the rule of English as 'White Devil' and the rule of the King of Travancore as the 'Devil of Ananthapuri'?
[a] Sree Narayana Guru
[b] Thycaud Ayya
[c] Ayya Vaikundar
[d] Ayyankali

20. In which district is Lokanarkav situated?
[a] Kasargod
[b] Malappuram
[c] Kannur
[d] Kozhikode

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