Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 49

 Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 49

  1. What is used as preservative for biological specimens 

  2. Which hydrocarbon compound is also known as Chloral

  3. What is used as a tear gas and as a warning agent to find out leakage if any of methyl chloride

  4. Which are the important carbxylic acids

  5. Which acid occurs in red ants, in the stings of bees and wasps and in the bristles of stinging nettles

  6. Which acid is used in coagulating rubber and as a medicine for treatment of gout

  7. The dilute form of Acetic Acid is known as

  8. Which acid is used to remove ink stains from cloth

  9. When anaerobic respiration takes place in muscles during vigorous muscular activity, what is formed as end product

  10. Which acid is present in milk

  11. Which acid occurs in grapes, tamarind and berries

  12. What is known as Rochelle Salt

  13. Which acid is present in citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and orange

  14. What is an example for aromatic carboxylic acid 

  15. The sodium salt of benzoic acid is used as

  16. What is the chemical name of aspirin

  17. Which chemical compound is known as 'Oil of Mirbane'

  18. What is the fullform of TNT

  19. What is the major use of TNT

  20. In 1828, who prepared  urea from ammonium cyanate

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