Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 48

  1. Compounds carrying an -NH2 group are called

  2. The natural gas contains approximately - percent of ethane

  3. Which hydrocarbons are used for the artificial ripening of green fruits

  4. Which hydrocarbon gas is used in cutting and welding

  5. Which is the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon

  6. Who discovered benzene in 1825 

  7. Historically, which hydrocarbon was obtained by the destructive distillation of whale oil

  8. Which hydrocarbon is used for preventing moths in clothes

  9. Which chemical compound is stored in closed dark coloured bottles completely filled because it is oxidised by air in the presence of sunlight to an extremely poisonous gas phosgene

  10. Which hydrocarbons are the major constituents of the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

  11. Which hydrocarbon is used as a fire extinguisher 

  12. The chlorofluoro carbon compounds of methane and ethane are collectively known as

  13. Which hydrocarbon is widely used as aerosol propellants, refrigerant and air conditioner

  14. What is the fullform of DDT

  15. Who discovered the effectiveness of DDT as an insecticide

  16. Which dihydric alcohol is used as a cooling agent in aeroplanes instead of water

  17. Which trihydric alcohol is present in almost all the animal and vegeable oils and fats as glycerides

  18. What is commonly known as carbolic acid

  19. What is commercially prepared from the middle oil fraction of coal tar

  20. The 40% dilute solution of formaldehyde is known as

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