Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 13

Kerala PSC - Junior Clerk/Secretary, Co-operative Societies - Model Question Paper 13

1 . Agricultural and rural development banks are advancing --- loans - Mortgage
2. The name of co-operative colony established by Robert Owen in America was - New Harmony
3. The number of regional milk producers union is - Three (3)
4. --- is registered under multi state co-operative societies Act - NCUI
5. The first consumer store in the world was started at - Toad Lane
6. Subsidiary state partnership fund is mantained by - DCB
7. Royal commission on Agriculture was constituted by - Govt. of India
8. Window dressing is associated with --- type of co-operative societies - Consumer
9. The state famous for dairy societies in India is - Gujarat
10. An officer who executes the award is called - Sale officer
11. 'Co-operation is a universal instrument' who said this - Horace Plunket
12. The milk products of Bangladesh co-operatives - Milk Vita
13. What is the name of the mill started by Robert Owen is - New Lanark Mill
14. No competition, no money and No profit was a statement made by whom - Robert Owen
15. 'Co-operator' is the publication of - William King
16. The founder of shoe makers co-operative society in Germany - Schulz
17. Who is the father of French Co-operative movement - Charles Fourier
18. The headquarter of ICA - Brussels
19. --- is the collective farming in Israel - Kibbutz
20. The first co-operative society with limited liability was established in the year - 1852
21. The Danish egg export society was founded in the year - 1895
22. The first committee of a proposed society convened by the chief promoter is called - Adhoc Committee
23. The minimum arbitration fees payable for monetary dispute is - Rs.200
24. General Body is empowered to write off - Bad debt
25. The inquiry under sec 65 of KCS Act shall be completed wtihin a period of --- months - 6 months
26. Kerala state co-operative union was established  in - 1970
27. The expulsion  of a member of a co-operative society can be done only in the - Special General Body
28. Associate member  is also known as - Nominal Member 
29. Quorum for a meeting of a circle co-operative union meeting is - 8
30. The application for registration of by-law amendment shall be signed by - Secretary and 2 members of the society
31. A society shall maintain ---% of the demand and time liabilities as fluid resources - 25
32. The chief executive of a co-operative society is - Secretary 
33. Agricultural credit stabilization fund is ---% of the net profit - 7
34. The co-operative credit society's act of 1904 contains only --- section - 29 
35. The statement of business to be transacted in a meeting is called - Agenda
36. The procedure for creating 'Gehan' is specified in Rule --- of KCS Act - 51A
37. The pension scheme for Co-operative employees was started in - 1994
38. The first Co-operative whole sale store was established by - E.V.Neal
39. The last General body is convened by - Liquidator
40. Land Mortgage Bank was started in India on - 1920
41. The cochin co-operative agricultural and Rural Development bank was situated in - Thrissur
42. Co-operative movement in India was written by - E.M.Hough
43. The unwritten portion of the deferred revenue is known as - Fictitious Asset
44. The leader of co-operative  held at Kozhikode was - P.V.Appukutty
45.  Authorized share capital of a co-operative society menas - Maximum amount of share capital permitted to be raised
46. The first provincial act in India was passed in the year - 1925
47. Operation flood is related to - Apcos
48. Royal commission on Agriculture 1928 was headed by - H.Calvert
49. The technical Enquiry report in a PCARDB is prepared by - Agriculture officer
50. Milma has a cattle feed factory at - Malampuzha

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