Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 20

Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 20

1. River Godavari flows through:

2. The main river flowing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is :

3. The Naga Hills form the watershed between India and:

4. Which Indian state is known as 'Land of Five Rivers'?

5. The biggest lake in India is:

6. Which are the west-flowing rivers of Peninsular India which flow into Arabian Sea?

7. Narmada river originates from Amarkantak in:

8. Which island lake in India has the highest Water salinity?

9. Which state has the largest number of salt lakes in India?

10. The formation of laterite soil is mainly due to:

11. What do you understand by the word regur?

12. Which soil is most suitable for cultivation of cereals?

13. Under which climatic conditions do the laterite soils develop

14. The soil formed by the deposition of silt brought by rivers is:

15. The soil which is a mixture of sand, clay and silt is known as :

16. Peaty soil is found in:

17. 'Sal' is a very important tree of:

18. Forest policy of government aims to bring what percentage of total area, under forest?

19. Most of the floods in the lowlands of North India, the Bihar plateau and Orissa are associated with:

20. The state which has attained the dubious distinction of being topper in the list with the highest encroachment of forest land:

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