Model Question Paper - Company Board Assistant - 09

1. The National Institute of Rural Development is located at?
[a] New Delhi
[b] Bengaluru
[c] Hyderabad
[d] Pune

2. Sravanabelagola is a holy place for?
[a] Buddhists
[b] Jains
[c] Christians
[d] Paris

3. The gift of Brahmaputra?
[a] Assam
[b] Tripura
[c] Nagaland
[d] Manipur

4. Who was described as a lion to the Huna deer by Banabhatta?
[a] Harshavardhana
[b] Prabhakaravardhana
[c] Rajyavardhana
[d] Chandragupta II

5. Where is Taxilla, the great centre of learning is located?
[a] Afganistan
[b] Pakistan
[c] Punjab
[d] Haryana

6. Who was the first European traveller to reach India via Africa?
[a] Columbus
[b] Captain Cook
[c] Ferdinand Magallan
[d] Vasco Da Gama

7. Who was awarded with the nickname `Clemency`?
[a] Lord canning
[b] Lord curzon
[c] Warren Hastings
[d] Lord Lytton

8. Name the Comarade of Gandhiji during his struggles in South Africa?
[a] Madan Mohan Malavya
[b] Iman Saheb
[c] Abdullah
[d] Mahadev Desai

9. When did Udham Singh kill General Michael O`Dyer?
[a] 30 March 1941
[b] 13 March 1940
[c] 30 March 1930
[d] 3 March 1942

10. The Bombay Presidency association was formed in?
[a] 1885
[b] 1886
[c] 1876
[d] 1896

11. Who was the first leader of opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly?
[a] P.T. Thomas
[b] P.T. Chacko
[c] R. Sankar
[d] Pattom Thanupillai

12. The Police Museum in Kerala is situated at ?
[a] kollam
[b] Thiruvananthapuram
[c] Alappuzha
[d] Thrissur

13. Kerala University was established in the year?
[a] 1937
[b] 1934
[c] 1957
[d] 1936

14. In which district is the National Fish Seed Farm situated?
[a] Kannur
[b] Ernakulam
[c] Palakkad
[d] Pathanamthitta

15. Which district in Kerala has the largest number of government owned schools?
[a] Malappuram
[b] Kannur
[c] Kozhikode
[d] Kollam

16. The first district to attain zero population growth rate is?
[a] Wayanad
[b] Pathanamthitta
[c] Kollam
[d] Kottayam

17. `Murugan` was the deity worshipped by the people of ?
[a] Neytal
[b] Mullai
[c] Palai
[d] Kurinchi

18. The first conference of Kochi Rajya Praja mandalam was held at?
[a] Irinjalakkuda
[b] Thrissur
[c] Aluva
[d] kochi

19. Who is known as Dharmaraja?
[a] Indukotha
[b] karthika Tirunal
[c] Ayiliam Tirunal
[d] Utram Tirunal

20. The largest National Park in Kerala is?
[a] Kumarakam
[b] Silent Valley
[c] Iravikulam
[d] Thekkady

21. The concept of Directive Principle was copied from?
[a] Ireland
[b] England
[c] Greece
[d] France

22. The President of India is elected by the?
[a] Members of Parliament
[b] Electoral College
[c] Governors
[d] Members of Legislative Assembly

23. Who was the Prime Minister of India when the 73rd and 74th amendments of the constitution were passed?
[a] Rajiv Gandhi
[b] Indira Gandhi
[c] V.P. Singh
[d] Narasimha Rao

24. The Indian Prime Minister who made lahore bus journey?
[a] Deva Gowda
[b] L.K. Adwani
[c] A.B. Vajpayee
[d] I.k. Gujaral

25. Who is the highest Law office of a state?
[a] Attorney General
[b] Secretary General Law Department
[c] Advocate General
[d] Solicitor General

26. Ramakrishana Mission was founded by?
[a] Swami Vivekananda
[b] Swami Dayanand Saraswathy
[c] Swami Chinmayananda
[d] Ramakrishna Paramhamsa

27. Satya Sodhak Samaj was founded by?
[a] Jyotibha Phule
[b] Narayana Guru
[c] Gopal Lal Valong
[d] Bhaskara Varman

28. Who is the writer of `India wins freedom`?
[a] A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
[b] Abdul kalam Azad
[c] Gandhiji
[d] Nehru

29. On the 100th day of the Paliyam Satyagraha a freedom fighter met with tragic death in a police lathi charge, what was his name?
[a] A.G Velayudhan
[b] Moyyarath Sankaran
[c] K.V Kunhumbu
[d] K .Krishnan

30. The newspaper Sujananandini was started by Kesavan Asan from?
[a] Chavara
[b] Mayyanad
[c] Kozhikode
[d] Paravur

31. Which state launched India`s first elelctric bus service at high altitude?
[a] Jammu and Kashmir
[b] Himachal Pradesh
[c] Assam
[d] Meghalaya

32. Who won the 2017 Vallathol Award?
[a] Prabha Varma
[b] U.K. Kumaran
[c] Sreekumarn Thampi
[d] K.R. Meera

33. India collaboration with which nation to build Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh?
[a] China
[b] France
[c] Germany
[d] Russia

34. Who won the 2017 Vayalar Award?
[a] T.D. Ramakrishnan
[b] P.K Sanu
[c] SubhashChandran
[d] C. Radhakrishnan

35. Name the Scorpene class submarine recently handed over the Indian Navy?
[a] INS Vikranth
[b] INS Kaveri
[c] INS Kalvari
[d] NS Vikram

36. A collection of four bits is called?
[a] Nibble
[b] Byte
[c] Word
[d] Double word

37. Which hardware device is used to interconnect different types of networks with different protocols?
[a] Bridge
[b] Router
[c] Gateway
[d] Repeate

38. When did information Technology Act come into force in India?
[a] October 17th 2000
[b] October 17th 2001
[c] June 4th 2000
[d] June 4th 2000

39. Ice cream sandwich and Jelly bean are the latest version of which operating system?
[a] Ubuntu
[b] Android
[c] Apple
[d] Unix

40. ...... is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are undesirable by a person?
[a] Software Piracy
[b] Software licensing
[c] Software hacking
[d] Software Cracking

41. In which states of matter diffusion is grater?
[a] Solid
[b] liquid
[c] Gas
[d] Plasma

42. Select Ore of Aluminium given below?
[a] Magnetite
[b] Bauxite
[c] Cuprite
[d] Haematite

43. Which is the relay centre in our brain?
[a] Pituitary gland
[b] Thalamas
[c] Spinal Cord
[d] Meninges

44. Which is used in the dials of clocks?
[a] Uranium
[b] Radium
[c] Cobalt
[d] Strontium

45. Which metal is known as `Little Silver`?
[a] Gold
[b] Mercury
[c] Silver
[d] Platinum

46. The Scientific study of skull and brain is known as?
[a] Pedogenesis
[b] Phrenology
[c] Cardiology
[d] Osteology

47. The pH of human blood is?
[a] 7
[b] 7.4
[c] 7.9
[d] 7.8

48. Cow`s milk is a rich source of?
[a] Vitamin A
[b] Vitamin B
[c] Vitamin D
[d] Vitamin C

49. Short sightenness can be corrected by?
[a] concave lens
[b] Concave - Convex lens
[c] Convex lens
[d] Cylindrical lens

50. The weight of brain of man is .... gms?
[a] 1200-1400gm
[b] 1400-1600gm
[c] 1250-1550 gm
[d] 1000-1200gms

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