Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 65

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 65

1. In which year the Constitution for India was drafted by the Nehru Committee?

2. Through which mission the British Government for the first time recognized ‘the Right of Dominion for India'?

3. Who was the Vice-President of the Interim Government formed in 1946?

4. Who is known as the Father of Renaissance of Western India'?

5. Who founded the Widow Marriage Association in 1861?

6. Who was the Political Guru of Gopal Krishna Gokhale & Bal Gangadhar Tilak?

7. Who is often called as 'the Hindu Luther of Northern India'?

8. Which river enters India through Shipki La from Tibet?

9. In which Union Territory is the Saddle Peak National Park situated?

10. Which is the only tributary of Ganga that rises in the plains?

11. Name the only tribal leader whose portrait is present in the Central Hall of the Indian Parliament?

12. The strange hobby of visiting cemeteries and enjoying funerals is known as:

13. Which British newspaper is known in the nickname of 'The Earl Grey Lady'?

14. The Berne Convention of 1886 was the first international agreement governing:

15. Who were the signatories of the Indus Water Treaty of 1960?

16. Who was the first military dictator of Pakistan?

17. Which fort in Karnataka is famous by the legend of Onake Obavva?

18. Which British Colonel led wars in India later became the Prime Minister of Britain?

19. Who wrote the military manual 'Fathul Mujahidin' at the instruction of Tippu Sultan?

20. Any industry located in a rural area which produces any goods or renders any service with or without the use of power and in which the fixed capital investment per head of a worker does not exceed one lakh rupees is known as:

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