Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 45

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 45

1. The founder of Calcutta:

2. Who is quoted as having said: 'It is far better to live like a Tiger for a day than to live like a jackal for a hundred years'?

3. Who killed Farukh Siyar in 1719 with the help of Maratha troops?

4. Who was called 'Jat Ulysses' or 'Plato of Jat Tribe'?

5. Who was known as 'Lokhit wadi'?

6. Who was preferred by Pheroz Shah Mehta in his place when he resigned from Central Legislative Assembly in 1901?

7. Who was the Governor General when Sind was annexed to British India in 1843 by Charles Napier:

8. 'Christianity wins its prosperity by cutting throats of its fellow men'. Who said this?

9. All India Hindu Maha Sabha was setup in 1915 under the presidentship of:

10. The author of 'Economic History of India'

11. In 1905 Bhavani Mandir was published by:

12. Annie Besant set up Home Rule League in September 1916 with its seat at:

13. Rao Bharmal, who rose in revolt due to the interference of Birtish in the internal affairs of the state, was the ruler of:

14. Statistical Survey of India was established during the reign of:

15. The background of the Mahar movement was:

16. The first secretary of Punjab Naujawan Sabha was:

17. The Mughal emperor who earned the nick name 'Rangila' due to his addiction to wine and women:

18. The Second Anglo Mysore war was fought during the Governor Generalship of:

19 The Treaty of Mysore was signed between Tipu and British in:

20. Who was the Viceroy when capital of British India was transferred from Kolkata to Delhi?

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