Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 44

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 44

1. The year of 'Black hole' episode of Calcutta:

2. What was the real name of Bahadur Shah I, who emerged victorious in the war of succession after Aurangazeb?

3. Which modern historian opined that "the so called First National War of Independence of 1857 is neither first, nor National, nor war of Independence."?

4. Who led the sikhs after the death of Guru Gobind Singh?

5. Who said 'Patriotism is religion and religion is love for India'?

6. Who took the leadership of Brahma Samaj after the death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

7. The last viceroy of British India:

8. The principles of the Muslim League were espoused in the 'Green Book', which included the organisation's constitution, written by:

9. A leading British Parliamentarian and politician admitted that the revolt of 1857 was a 'National Revolt' not a 'Military Mutiny'?

10. Indian Broadcasting Corporation was renamed in 1936 as:

11. Who was the Governor General when Punjab was annexed to British India in 1849?

12. The background of the Sanyasi Revolt was:

13. Name the British General who is credited with the victory of Porto Novo:

14. The newspaper 'Rast Goftar' propagated the message of an organisation stood for the reforms of:

15. Name the Viceroy who introduced Arms Acts in 1878?

16. The office of Peshwa became independent during the reign of:

17. The organiser of 'Dharma Sabha'?

18. The Treaty of Allahabad was signed in:

19. Which party observed the 'Black Day' on July 3, 1947 against Partition of India?

20. Which tribal leader was regarded as an incarnation of God and Father of the World?

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