Model Question Paper - Company Board Assistant - 04

1. Heera’s house is ——— a farm?
[a] at
[b] on
[c] in
[d] beneath

2. The speaker disallowed the discussion as it was ——?
[a] prima facie
[b] de facto
[c] sub judice
[d] de jure

3. A person in charge of a museum or art gallery etc
[a] Curator
[b] Warden
[c] Director
[d] Administrator

4. Prices —— during war
[a] sour
[b] soar
[c] savor
[d] sore

5. We all liked him, for he had a ———- simplicity about him
[a] childish
[b] childlike
[c] childhood
[d] boyhood

6. People began to ———— when he got very rich overnight?
[a] turn a deaf ear to
[b] grit their teeth
[c] smell a rat
[d] wash their dirty linen in public

7. Beggar must not be ——
[a] proud
[b] choosers
[c] losers
[d] impatient

8. The dramatic monologue was Browning’s forte as a poet ‘forte’ means?
[a] weak point
[b] favorite
[c] masterpiece
[d] strong point

9. There are some birds that ——— every year
[a] migrate
[b] migrates
[c] migrating
[d] will

10. While travelling, don`t take—?
[a] more luggages
[b] more luggage
[c] much luggage
[d] much luggage`s

11. Who won Ezhutachan Puraskaram 2017
[a] K. Satchidanandan
[b] P. Satchidanandan
[c] C. Radhakrishnan
[d] Puthussery Ramachandran

12. Tagore visited Sree Narayana Guru in
[a] 1912
[b] 1918
[c] 1920
[d] 1922

13. Second Ezhava memorial in 1900 was submitted to
[a] Sreemoolam
[b] Lord Curzon
[c] Lord Dufferin
[d] Visakhan Tirunal

14. Vaikam Satyagraha was stopped for the time being on April 1, 1924 on the advice of
[a] Sree Narayana Guru
[b] Gandhiji
[c] V.T. Bhattathiripad
[d] T.K. Madhavan

15. Nilokheri Township was initiated by
[a] SK Day
[b] Dr. Spencer Hatch
[c] Tagore
[d] F.L. Brein

16. The lowest wage under NREGP in which state.
[a] Hariyana
[b] Kerala
[c] Meghalaya
[d] Gujarath

17. JRY was divided into --------- streams
[a] 4
[b] 2
[c] 3
[d] 5

18. IRDP was launched in ______
[a] 1978
[b] 1976
[c] 1977
[d] 1975

19. The district with least number of families in kudumbasre?
[a] Kasargod
[b] Wayanadu
[c] Idukki
[d] Palakkad

20. Which metro is recently declared as World`s first Green Metro ?
[a] Kochi Metro
[b] Delhi Meto
[c] Lucknow Metro
[d] Banglore Metro

21. In a row of girls A is 11th from one end and 7th from the other end. How many girls are there in the row.
[a] 18
[b] 17
[c] 16
[d] 15

22. 8 men or 10 women can finish a work in 50 days. How many days will 28 men and 15 women take to finish the job?
[a] 6
[b] 12
[c] 8
[d] 10

23. If -2,x,-6 are in Arithmetic Progression, what is the value of x? [a] -2
[b] -4
[c] -6
[d] -8

24. Find the reciprocal of 0.01
[a] 100
[b] 10
[c] 0.1
[d] 1

25. Find the sum of the terms 120, 125, 130, _____220
[a] 4500
[b] 4505
[c] 5250
[d] 3570

26. The height of a square prism is 16 centimetres and the perimeter of its base is 27, find the area of its lateral faces.
[a] 432 square centimeter
[b] 270 square centimeter
[c] 300 square centimeter
[d] 450 square centimeter

27. 20,18,22,20,24,22,26 _____
[a] 24
[b] 26
[c] 28
[d] 30

28. The smallest number which if divided by 9,12, and 16, each time 5 remains. The number is ______
[a] 149
[b] 144
[c] 197
[d] 113

29. 2( 17-9) + 4-2=___________
[a] 27
[b] 1
[c] 20
[d] 18

30. How many numbers are there in between 9 and 89 which are divisibel by 7 ?
[a] 14
[b] 13
[c] 12
[d] 11

31. ( 3% of 300) + ( 20% of 20)=
[a] 25
[b] 12
[c] 10
[d] 13

32. Five years ago I was thrice as old as my son and ten years later I shall be twise as old as my son. How old are we now?
[a] 35&15
[b] 30&40
[c] 50& 20
[d] 40&15

33. 1f 12 men can do certain piece of work in 24 days in how many days will 6 men do it?
[a] 48 days
[b] 44 days
[c] 30 days
[d] 46 days

34. What should come next in the following series 61,52,63,94 ......
[a] 188
[b] 104
[c] 46
[d] 67

35. A radio is sold for Rs. 550 at the profit of 10% what would have been the actual profit or loss if it had been sold for 750
[a] Rs. 250
[b] Rs.300
[c] Rs. 550
[d] Rs.200

36. Area of a rectangle of 5 metre length and 4 metre breadth is:
[a] 9 square metre
[b] 16 square metre
[c] 20 square metre
[d] 25 square metre

37. A train travels 36km/hr. How many meters will it travel in 3 minute
[a] 1800
[b] 5000
[c] 1.8
[d] 180

38. Fly : parrot :: Crawl:?
[a] Fish
[b] Crocodile
[c] Frog
[d] Sparrow

39. (√8 + √7)(√8 - √7)
[a] 3
[b] .2
[c] 16
[d] 1

40. The book is most likely to have:
[a] pages
[b] cover
[c] chapters
[d] pictures

41. ആഗമസന്ധിക്കു ഉദാഹരണം
[a] തിരക്കഥ
[b] തളിരില
[c] തിരുവടി
[d] കലവറ

42. കടൽ എന്ന പദത്തിന്റെ പര്യായ പദം അല്ലാത്തത് ഏത്
[a] ആഴി
[b] വാരിധി
[c] രത്നാകരം
[d] വിപിനം

43. പണി തീരാത്ത വീട് ആരുടെ കൃതിയാണ്
[a] കെ സി കേശവപിള്ള
[b] തകഴി ശിവശങ്കരപ്പിള്ള
[c] കെ ഇ മത്തായി
[d] കുറ്റിപ്പുറത്തു കേശവൻ നായർ

44. Gordian knot എന്ന പ്രയോഗത്തിന്റെ അർത്ഥം എന്ത്
[a] പൊല്ലാപ്പ്
[b] വീട്ടാക്കടം
[c] വിഫലശ്രമം
[d] ഊരാക്കുടുക്ക്

45. പ്രയോജക ക്രിയയ്ക്ക് ഉദാഹരണം ഏത്
[a] ചാടിക്കുന്നു
[b] പഠിക്കുന്നു
[c] ഇരിക്കുന്നു
[d] എഴുതുന്നു

46. സേതു എന്ന കഥാപാത്രം ഏത് കൃതിയിലെ കഥാപാത്രമാണ്
[a] കാലം
[b] കുട്ട്യേടത്തി
[c] അസുരവിത്ത്
[d] നാലുകെട്ട്

47. കർമ്മത്തെ കുറിക്കുന്ന വിഭക്തി ഏത്
[a] നിർദേശിക
[b] പ്രതിഗ്രഹിക
[c] ആരാധിക
[d] സംബന്ധിക

48. 2017 ൽ വള്ളത്തോൾ പുരസ്കാരം നേടിയ കവിയാരാണ്
[a] സി രാധാകൃഷ്ണൻ
[b] ശ്രീകുമാരൻ തമ്പി
[c] പ്രഭാവർമ
[d] കെ ആർ മീര

49. ശരിയായ പദം ഏത്
[a] അവഗാഗം
[b] അവഗാഹം
[c] അവകാഖം
[d] അഘാഹം

50. One who is driven to the wall.. എന്ന വാക്യത്തിന്റെ അർത്ഥം
[a] ഓടി പോയവൻ
[b] ഓടിച്ചവൻ
[c] ഗതികെട്ടവൻ
[d] മിടുക്കൻ

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