Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 03

Model Question Paper - Company Board Assistant - 03

1. The civil Disobedience Movement was led in the North west Frontier province by
[a] Rani Gaidilien
[b] Khan Abdul Gaffer khan
[c] Shaikh Abdulla
[d] Dr. M.A. Ansari

2. The Prime Minister of Britan When India became independent was
[a] W. Churchill
[b] N. Chamberlain
[c] Mac Donald
[d] C. Atlee

3. Which of the following movements truly reflected the spirit of Hindu Muslim unity?
[a] Khilafat Movement
[b] Quit India movement
[c] Swadeshi Movement
[d] Civil Disobedience Movement

4. India owes its political integration to the genius of
[a] C. Rajagopalachari
[b] Lord Mountbatten
[c] Sardar Vallabhai Patel
[d] Jawaharlal Nehru

5. Who won Prem Nazir Award 2017
[a] Manju Warrior
[b] Sharada
[c] Madhu
[d] Murali Gopi

6. National Handloom Day
[a] August 7
[b] August 6
[c] August 8
[d] August 9

7. Yudh Abhyas is the joint military training between India and ....... ?
[a] China
[b] Russia
[c] USA
[d] Japan

8. India`s First Green Field Smart City
[a] Kochi
[b] Thiruvanathapuram
[c] Gurugram
[d] Ranchi

9. FIFA U-17 World Cup winner ?
[a] Germany
[b] France
[c] England
[d] Brazil

10. First international cricket match in Kerala held at
[a] Green Field Stadium, Karyavattom
[b] Krishnagiri Stadium , Wayanad
[c] JN Stadium Kochi
[d] Kerala University Stadium, TVM

11. Head quarters of world Tourism organization?
[a] Amsterdam
[b] Gland
[c] Madrid
[d] Geneva

12. Who designed the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial at Sabarmati Asram in Ahmedabad.
[a] Charles Correa
[b] Geoffery Bawa
[c] Le Corbusier
[d] Edwin Lulyens

13. Which article deals with Emergency?
[a] 356
[b] 368
[c] 372
[d] 370

14. The Salary of the Vice president of India is
[a] Rs. 1,00,00
[b] Rs. 1,50,000
[c] Rs. 1,40,000
[d] Rs. 1,25,000

15. Who said " Democracy is the worst form of Government, unfortunately we do not know anything better".
[a] Winston Churchill
[b] Eisenhower
[c] Ambedkar
[d] Mountbatten

16. For the very first time, the president`s rule was imposed in
[a] Gujarat
[b] A.P
[c] Punjab
[d] Kerala

17. The Rajya sabha`s life is
[a] 6 years
[b] 2 years
[c] Permanent
[d] 5 years

18. The force keeping planet in regular orbit is
[a] Electrostatic
[b] Magnetic
[c] Gravitational
[d] Nucelar

19. India`s first Tera Flops Super Computer
[a] Param Yuva
[b] Param 8000
[c] Param 10,000
[d] SAGA - 220

20. The Father of Artificial intelligence:
[a] Vincent Serf
[b] Simur cray
[c] John Makkarthe
[d] Alen Turing

21. EPROM Stands for
[a] Electrically Programmable Random only memory
[b] Erasable Programmable Read only memory
[c] Electrically programmable Read only Memory
[d] Erasable processors Read only Memory

22. The Booting instructions are stored in
[a] ROM
[b] RAM
[c] Floppy
[d] C.D

23. India passed the IT Act and notified it for effectiveness on.
[a] 2000 October 12
[b] 2000 October 17
[c] 2000 June 9
[d] 2000 October 14

24. The first part of URL is called
[a] Protocol
[b] Path
[c] Domain Name
[d] Host

25. A Server that can act as both client and server is:
[a] A non - dedicated server
[b] A dedicated Server
[c] both a and b
[d] None of these

26. `Powered by intellects Driven by Values` is the motto of which IT Company
[a] Infosys
[b] Wipro
[c] TCS
[d] CTS

27. Technology no longer protected by copyright, available to everyone, is considered to be:
[a] proprietary
[b] open
[c] Experimental
[d] In the public domain

28. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risk except
[a] hackers
[b] Spam
[c] Viruses
[d] Identity theft

29. The Widest gap across the western Ghats is
[a] Pal Ghat
[b] Bor Ghat
[c] Thal Ghat
[d] Khandwa Gap

30. Mount Everest is located in the Himalayan range of
[a] Himadri
[b] Himachal
[c] Siwalik
[d] Purvachal

31. The Unit of power is
[a] Volt
[b] Watt
[c] Joule
[d] Calorie

32. Which element group is the most reactive of all the metallic elements?
[a] Alkali metals
[b] Alkaline earth metals
[c] Transition metals
[d] Coin age metal

33. The alloy of aluminium used for making magnets is
[a] Duralmin
[b] Aluminium bronze
[c] Invar
[d] Alnico

34. Backing soda is
[a] Sodium Carbonate
[b] Sodium Bicarbonate
[c] Sodium thio sulphate
[d] Sodium Hydroxide

35. Name the leader of the chittagong armoury raid of 1930.
[a] Bhagat Singh
[b] Chandrasekhar Azad
[c] Suryasen
[d] Lala Hardayal

36. Indian National Congress started the individual satyagraha in
[a] 1938
[b] 1930
[c] 1940
[d] 1941

37. Name the Grand old man of South Indian
[a] G. Subrahmanyan Iyer
[b] Rajagopalachari
[c] K. Kelappan
[d] T. Prakasan

38. The Viceroy who introduced financial decentralisation in India is
[a] Lord Rippon
[b] Lord Mayo
[c] Lord Lytton
[d] Lord Curzon

39. The Headquarters of the provisional Government of free India set up by subash chandra bose was at
[a] Tokyo
[b] Berlin
[c] Delhi
[d] Singapore

40. Who wrote `Nothing Venture, Nothing win`
[a] Edmund Hillary
[b] Bejendripal
[c] Tensing Norgey
[d] Jungo Thabe

41. The biggest hydro - electric project in Kerala
[a] Idukki
[b] Malampuzha
[c] Pallivasal
[d] Sabarigiri

42. Gems, Rabies and Sapphires are associated with
[a] Igneous rocks
[b] Metamorphic rocks
[c] Sedimentary rocks
[d] Stratified rocks

43. The first president of Travancore State Congress
[a] T.M. Varghese
[b] Pattom A.Thanupillai
[c] C. Kesavan
[d] A. J. John

44. The Nivarthana Agitation of 1932 was against
[a] Educational policy
[b] Religious policy
[c] Constitutional Reforms of 1932
[d] untouchability

45. The first state in India constituted on linguistic basis
[a] Andhra
[b] Punjab
[c] Karnadaka
[d] Madras State

46. When was the Indian Air Force formed?
[a] 1932
[b] 1935
[c] 1946
[d] 1947

47. The Indian State called the `Heart of India`
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Andhra pradesh
[c] Madhya pradesh
[d] Uttar pradesh

48. India`s first underground nuclear explosion was carried out in 1974 at
[a] pokhran
[b] Trombay
[c] Karipur
[d] Rann of kutch

49. India`s anti - tank guided missile
[a] Trishul
[b] Prithvi
[c] Agni
[d] Nag

50. Who amongst the following was impeached in England for acts committed as Governor General of India?
[a] Wellesley
[b] Cavendish Bentick
[c] Cornwallis
[d] Warren Hastings

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