Kerala PSC - One Word Substitution

One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. It is asked in various competitive exams. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word.
One Word Substitution
One who is out to subvert a governmentAnarchist
One who is recovering from illnessConvalescent
One who is all powerfulOmnipotent
One who is present everywhereOmnipresent
One who knows everythingOmniscient
One who is easily deceivedGullible
One who does not make mistakesInfallible
One who can do anything for moneyMercenary
One who has no moneyPauper
One who changes sidesTurncoat
One who works for freeVolunteer
One who loves booksBibliophile
One who can speak two languagesBilingual
One who loves mankindPhilanthropist
One who hates mankindMisanthrope
One who looks on the bright side of thingsOptimist
One who looks on the dark side of thingsPessimist
One who doubts the existence of godAgnostic
One who pretends to be what he is notHypocrite
One incapable of being tiredIndefatigable
One who helps others GoodSamaritan
One who copies from other writersPlagiarist
One who hates womenMisogynist
One who knows many languagesPolyglot
One who is fond of sensuous pleasuresEpicure
One who thinks only of himselfEgoist
One who thinks only of welfare of womenFeminist
One who is indifferent to pleasure or painStoic
One who is quite like a womanEffeminate
One who has strange habitsEccentric
One who speaks lessReticent
One who goes on footPedestrian
One who believes in fateFatalist
One who dies without a WillIntestate
One who always thinks himself to be illValetudinarian
A Government by the peopleDemocracy
A Government by a King or QueenMonarchy
A Government by the officialsBureaucracy
A Government by the richPlutocracy
A Government by the fewOligarchy
A Government by the NoblesAristocracy
A Government by oneAutocracy
Rule by the mobMobocracy
That through which light can passTransparent
That through which light cannot passOpaque
That through which light can partly passTranslucent
A sentence whose meaning is unclearAmbiguous
A place where orphans liveOrphanage
That which cannot be describedIndescribable
That which cannot be imitatedInimitable
That which cannot be avoidedInevitable
A position for which no salary is paidHonorary
That which cannot be defendedIndefensible
Practice of having several wivesPolygamy
Practice of having several husbandsPolyandry
Practice of having one wife or husbandMonogamy
Practice of having two wives or husbandsBigamy
That which is not likely to happenImprobable
People living at the same timeContemporaries
A book published after the death of its authorPosthumous
A book written by an unknown authorAnonymous
A life history written by somebody elseBiography
People who work togetherColleagues
One who eats too muchGlutton
That which cannot be satisfiedInsatiable
One who questions everythingCynic
A flesh eating animalCarnivorous
A grass eating animalHerbivorous
One who lives in a foreign countryImmigrant
To transfer one's authority to anotherDelegate
One who is a newcomerNeophyte
That which is lawfulLegal
That which is against lawIllegal
One who is unmarriedCelibate
A game in which no one winsDraw
A study of manAnthropology
A study of racesEthnology
A study of the bodyPhysiology
A study of animalsZoology
A study of birdsOrnithology
A study of ancient thingsArchaeology
A study of derivation of wordsEtymology
Murder of a human beingHomicide
Murder of a fatherPatricide
Murder of a MotherMatricide
Murder of a brotherFratricide
Murder of an infantInfanticide
Murder of the kingRegicide
Murder of selfSuicide
To free somebody from all blameExonerate
To write under a different namePseudonym
A thing no longer in useObsolete
A handwriting that cannot be readIllegible
Words written on the tomb of a personEpitaph
One who is greedy for moneyAvaricious
Something that cannot be imitatedInimitable
One who doesn't know how to read and writeIlliterate
A person's peculiar habitIdiosyncrasy
An animal who preys on other animalsPredator
Violating the sanctity of a churchSacrilege
Study and collection of coinsNumismatics
Collection and study of stampsPhilately
A group of people controlling a countryOligarchy
A person who collects and sells antiquitiesAntiquary
One who does not use AlcoholTeetotaler
Offering of a peaceful deathEuthanasia
One who writes playsPlaywright
A place where monks liveMonastery
The original inhabitants of a placeAborgines
A partner in crimeAccomplice
Capable of interpreted in two waysAmbiguous
Living both on land and in waterAmphibian, amphibious

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