Kerala PSC - Idioms and Phrases

Kerala PSC - Idioms and Phrases
Idioms and Phrases
To topple the apple cartto destroy one's imaginary plans
To blow hot and coldto change one's positions quickly
To build castles in the airto indulge in imaginary schemes
To blow one's own trumpetto praise oneself
To add fuel to flamesto make a bad situation worse
To foot the billto pay the charges
Dutch couragecourage made by taking intoxicated substance
Bury the hatchetforget the difference
To make much ado about nothingto make a lot of commotion over silly matters
To be born with a silver spoonto be rich by birth
To play the gameto act honestly
To come off with flying coloursto be successful
To have clean handsto be free from guilt
To make a clean breast ofto confess everything
To keep wolf from the doorto keep away starvation
To have no backboneto have no character
To burn the candle at both endsto spend lavishly
To put the cart before the horseto do things in the reverse order
To play second fiddleto take less important place
No love lost betweennot in good terms
The boot is on the other legthe true position is exactly the reverse
Between the devil and the deep blue seabetween two difficulties
Birds of the same featherpersons of like tastes
The best of both worldsbenefits connected with two different areas
To cry over split milkto worry over past matters
To beat around the bushto avoid main point
Gift of the gabability to speak eloquently
To bring to bookto punish
A bird's eye viewgeneral view
An acid testa difficult test
An apple of discorda cause of rivalry
All and sundryeveryone without distinction
To give one a piece of mindto give somebody an unpleasant truth
A close fisted persona miser
Chip of the old blockchild that inherits his father's or mother's traits
Black and blueseverely
Let the cat out of the bagto make known a secret
To keep open houseshow hospitality
To grease the palmto bribe
The rank and the fileundistinguished mass
To read between linesunderstand the hidden meaning
Pros and consthe advantages and disadvantages of something
To rub shoulders withto come into contact with
To play ducks and drakessquander
To move heaven and earthmake every possible effort
To nip in the buddestroy in the early stage of growth
Throw up one's cardaccept defeat
To settle an old scoreto take vengeance
Rolling stoneactive person
The olive branchoffer of peace
To snap one's fingersto be anxious
A pipe dreaman impractical plan
To lose one's headto become confused and over excited
To spell the beansto reveal secret information
To get cold feetto be afraid

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