Kerala PSC - Librarian Grade IV - Previous Solved Question Paper

Kerala PSC - Librarian Grade IV - Previous Solved Question Paper

1. Collection of electronic resources that provides direct/ indirect access to a systematically organised collection of digital object is known as :
Answer : Digital library

2. Digital Reference service can be offered through:
Answer : Ask your librarian

3. 'Internet Public Library' is being maintained by :
Answer : Drexal University

4. Who organized convention for CALIBER?

5. Who coined the term 'paperless society'?
Answer : F.W.Lancaster

6. The automation word was first used in:
Answer : 1936

7. the collection of data or records in a machine readable format.
Answer : Database

8. Who says ' Library is the heart of the institution'?
Answer : S.Radhakrishnan

9. Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act enacted in :
Answer : 1960

10. Who was awarded with the first Ph.D. in Library Science in India?
Answer : D.B.Krishna Rao

11. Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library is located at :
Answer : Patna

12. In India Right to Information Act (RTI) was passed in :
Answer : 2005

13. BERN CONVENTION (1886) is related to :
Answer : Copyright

14. Who provides the ISBN in India?
Answer : RRRLF

15. ILA established in the year :
Answer : 1933

16. Which library is authorized to receive books under 'Delivery of Books Act'?
Answer : Connemara Public Library the nodal agency of Government of India to support public library services and systems and promote public library movement in the country.
Answer : Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF)

18. Who was the father of Modern librarianship?
Answer : Melvil Dewey

19. The Association for Information Management (ASLIB) was established in :
Answer : 1924

20. National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is situated at:
Answer : Dehradun

21. 'Brain Chamber' is studied in library Science in :
Answer : Universe of Knowledge

22. Which university first started Diploma Course in Library Science?
Answer : Madras University

23. Calcutta Public Library was established in
Answer : 1836

24. Who propounded the term Information transfer?
Answer : Beesman

25. Who introduced the concept of knowledge industry?
Answer : Fritz Machlup

26. Handling of information in the sense of production is called:
Answer : Information Industry

27. 'Lexicon' refers to:
Answer : Dictionary

28. Indian Science Abstract is published by:
Answer : NISCAIR

29. ISSN stands for:
Answer : International Standard Serial Number

30. Patents comes under which category of sources?
Answer : Primary Sources

31. What is the suitable reference source to know about the climate of Jammu and Kashmir?
Answer : Gazetteer

32. India A Reference Annual is a:
Answer : Year Book

33. Kessing's Record of World Events published from:
Answer : London

34. What is the main record of a library?
Answer : Accession Register

35. Who states the principle 'Right book to right reader at the right time'
Answer : F.W.Drury

36. Who enunciated X and Y theory of management?
Answer : Douglass Mc.Gregor

37. The chain of all posts from top to bottom in libraries is called
Answer : Scalar Chain

38. Description of functions, duties, responsibilities and experiences of a person is called:
Answer : Job Description

39. a style of management to secure success for the organisation.
Answer : Total Quality Management

40. POSDCORB was coined by:
Answer : Luther Gulick and L.Urwick

41. .........budgeting which is not concerned with past but concerned with the requirements of the future:
Answer : Zero Based

42. 'Quality Circles' in organization is used in:
Answer : Participative Management

43. 'Bespeakimg' means
Answer : Reservation of Books

44. Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as:
Answer : Weeding

45. an activity aimed at increasing communication and understanding between an organization or individual and one or more groups called publics.
Answer : Public Relations

46. How many major editions are published in DDC?
Answer : 23

47. In DDC the class number '600' denotes:
Answer : Technology

48. KWIC indexing system was developed by:
Answer : H.P.Luhn

49. Hentry La Fontain and Paul Otlet were associated with:
Answer : UDC

50. Who gaves the term 'modes of formation of subjects'?
Answer : Ranganathan

51. English capital letter 'E' denotes which subject according to CC?
Answer : Chemistry

52. A system of ordinal numbers representing the classes in a scheme of library classification is known as:
Answer : Notation

53. DDC 23rd edition was published in:
Answer : 2011

54. LED stands for in CC:
Answer : Latest Effective Decade

55. Phoenix Schedules are part of:
Answer : DDC

56. The standard size of a Catalogue Card is:
Answer : 7.5 cm x 12. 5 cm

57. The Principle of Local Variation is mainly applicable in:
Answer : Cataloguing

58. ------- is the world's largest bibliographic database.
Answer : World Cat

59. RDA is related to:
Answer : Cataloguing

60. AACR2 stands for:
Answer : Anglo - American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition

61. What symbol is used in the size of the book in physical description area according to AACR-II Code?
Answer : Semi-colon

62. Who developed the MARC Format in 1966?
Answer : Library of Congress

63. What is the full form of CCF?
Answer : Common Communication Format

64. PRECIS is originated from:
Answer : SLIC

65. The first edition of Classified Catalogue Code (CCC) was published in:
Answer : 1934

66. The term 'Cyberspace' was coined by:
Answer : William Gibson

67. A group of 8 bits is called:
Answer : Byte

68. The binary equivalent of 20 is:
Answer : 10100

69. Who was the brain child of World Wide Web?
Answer : Vannevar Bush

70. Which is the Internet browser, developed in India?
Answer : Epic

71. Which of the following is an impact printer?
Answer : Line

72. an Internet standard for electronic mail (email) transmission.
Answer : SMTP

73. INFLIBNET is an example of:
Answer : Wide Area Network (WAN)

74. What is called the topology in which transmission from one central node is sent to other nodes?
Answer : Star Topology

75. In telephone line which media is used for communication?
Answer : Twisted pair

76. How many layers are imagined in OSI reference model?
Answer : 7

77. CDS/ISIS stands for:
Answer : Computerised Documentation Service/ Integrated Set of Information Systems

78. NALANDA, the digital library is an initiation of:
Answer : NIT, Calicut

79. Identify Content Management Software from the following:
Answer : Joomla

80. Identify open source softwares for library management from the following:
Answer : Koha

81. The winner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015:
Answer : Autsralia

82. Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) launched by the Prime Minister Narendramodi on:
Answer : 28th Aug. 2014

83. 'Fishing Cat' is the state animal of:
Answer : West Bengal

84. In 2014 Govt. of India introduced Aadhar based Digital Life Certificate system for Pensioners known as:
Answer : Jeevan Pramaan

85. Which is the largest Women Empowering Project in Kerala?
Answer : Kudumbasree

86. 'Ayyavazhi' is the moral belief system propounded by the social reformer of:
Answer : Vaikunda Swamikal

87. Sree Chithira Thirunnal Balaramavarma issued the famous Temple Entry Proclamation on:
Answer : 12th Nov. 1936

88. Travancore Muslim Mahajanasabha was founded by:
Answer : Vakkom Abdul Khader Maulavi

89. St. Joseph's Press is the first Indigenous press in Kerala established at:
Answer : Mannanan

90. Savarna Jatha was organized by Mannath Padmanabhan in connection with:
Answer : Vaikkom Sathyagraha

91. The archeologist BB Lal excavated the Mahabharata site in India:
Answer : Hasthinapura

92. The Viceroy who convened Simla Conference in 1945:
Answer : Wavell

93. The Kerala river mentioned in the ancient book Arthasasthra:
Answer : Periyar

94. Indian National Congress celebrated the First Independence Day on:
Answer : 26th Jan. 1930

95. The first martyr of Revolt of 1857:
Answer : Mangal Pandey

96. The Central Pollution Control Board constituted in the year:
Answer : 1974

97. UNESCO recognized the Natural World Heritage sites in India except:
Answer : Silent Valley National Park

98. In Census 2011 the percentage of Urban Population in India is:
Answer : 31%

99. The Venue of Summer World Olympics 2016 is:
Answer : Rio de Janeiro

100. Kalbelia is a dance form originated in the state of:
Answer : Rajasthan

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