Kerala PSC - Districts of Kerala - Palakkad

Kerala PSC - Districts of Kerala - Palakkad

Year of formation : January 1, 1957

  • Major rivers Bharatapuzha and tributaries.
  • The biggest district.
  • District with the lowest literacy rate (88.49)
  • Having the highest population of scheduled castes.
  • The only district in Kerala where black soil is found at Chittur Taluk. Therefore cotton is cultivated here.
  • The biggest railway division in Kerala.
  • First electrified village panchayat in Kerala : Kannadi, Palakkad
  • Nelliyampathi (Ooty of Kerala), the only orange orchard in Kerala is in Palakkad district.
  • Kunjan Nambiar was born at Killikurissimangalam in Palakkad.
  • The Kunjan monument is at Lakkidi in Palakkad.
  • Wind energy project is at Kanjikode.
  • Tourist attractions - Malampuzha, the biggest dam in Kerala, Silent Valley National Park.
  • Palakkad is the hottest district in Kerala.
  • Palakkad pass is the biggest pass in Kerala. It is known as 'Entrance of Kerala'.
  • First Peacock Sanctuary in Kerala is at Choolanur.
  • India's first computerised collectorate is Palakkad Collectorate
  • The famous Dhoni Water falls situates at Palakkad.
  • Palakkad fort is built by Hyder Ali.
  • Malapuzha Dam is the largest reservoir in Kerala.
  • Malapuzha Garden is known as 'Vrindavan of Kerala'.
  • First Rock garden in Kerala is at Malampuzha.
  • The Cococola factory at Plachimada is here.
  • Palakkad is the first Indian district where all the families have accounts in banks.
  • Parambikulam, Aliyar River Valley Project and Wildlife Sanctuary etc. are in this district.
  • The proposed hydro-electric project to be built in Silent Valley is Pathrakadavu.
  • Main roads - NH-17, NH 213
  • One of the west flowing river Bhavani flows through this district.

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