Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 13

1. In which year was a British Committee of the Indian National Congress established in London?

2. Who put forward the 'Drain Theory' to explain the British exploitation of India?

3. Which Viceroy condemned the nationalists by calling 'Seditious' Brahmins, Disloyal Babus' & called Congress 'A factory of Sedition'?

4. Which Viceroy said that 'the Congress is tottering to its fall, and one of my great ambitions, while in India is to assist it to a peaceful demise'?

5. In 1865, who founded the East India Association at London?

6. Who was the first to raise the slogan 'India for the Indians'?

7. Which British Viceroy insulted Indian nationalists and the intelligentsia by describing their activities as 'Letting of Gas'?

8. Who said that If there is a sin in this world, it is weakness; avoid all weakness, weakness is sin, weakness is death'?

9. In which year the British Government's decision to partition Bengal was made public?

10. Which British Viceroy was behind the partition of Bengal?

11. What was the official explanation regarding the partition of Bengal?

12. In which year, was the partition of Bengal formally came into effect?

13. Which session of the Congress declared that the goal of the Indian National Congress was 'self government or Swaraj like the United Kingdom or the colonies'?

14. Who presided over the 1906 session of Indian National Congress at Calcutta?

15. Which session of the Congress witnessed the first split in the organization?

16. Who presided over the 1907 session of the Congress?

17. Who declared that Political freedom is the life breath of a Nation'?

18. Who organised the 'Swadesh Bandhab Samiti' as a popular & powerful method of mass mobilisation?

19. Who were the main architects of the Indian National Conference?

20. Which song was written by Tagore on the occasion of Bengal partition?

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